Indigo children say …

13-year-old girl who is taught the Virgin, help sick people

Indigo children — special tribe: they see and know more than others, and more than you can explain.

They know each other in the street by color — blue-violet, which is the shell extends around the body. It's like the mark: it is not like the others.

Normal people learn to understand these children and help them. But more indigo children themselves come to the aid of the "ordinary" people, making it the blue, as if against his will.

13 year old Yasha Pazdera accurately can find someone in another city, country, continent, as if stalking him by satellite from space.

— I was approached by a woman who has lost his father — says Yasha. — He lost his memory, and once away from home. The police turned the whole town — the old man there. Likely to go somewhere. I was approached by an old man's daughter Larissa Bochanova, "Help!"

— And I'm up to the street and house number, saw its location — says, as something self-evident, Yasha — from Novosibirsk grandfather got right up to Kemerovo.

Daughter Larissa went to tell them the address and found a father. He lived for several weeks in the same family of pity accepting it to yourself.

Heard about the abilities of Yasi, it is not just the police came. The girl helps.


Yasha sees peer inseparable from their aura. And she color: someone — blue, someone — green. And classmates react to the strange same age as a child — teasing Yasyu wonderful.

— The boys call me a witch and asked about the Sabbath and the bald mountain, but I do not mind — said Yasha. — I just do not like them.

Very bright abilities inherent in the Yasa, began to show the age of six.

— For no apparent reason before his eyes suddenly appear images that a few minutes to become reality — says about his feelings miracle girl.

— And in the fourth grade, I was to guess the solution of mathematical problems. Look at an example — I understand that does not solve it, and just see the final figure. And she is always right.

Yaroslavna identify diseases that are not available even medical technology

In the gift Yasi as if there hostess — visions girls at an early age was accompanied by a woman in church clothes. Soon Yasya learned the name of his mentor: she saw her at church.

— My conductor looks exactly the same as the icon of the Holy Virgin on the "Protection of the Blessed Virgin", and clothes are the same! — Said Yasha. — Only her face I'll never see. Today I call mentor Mary.

— One day Maria took me to heaven, — says Yasha. — I exactly do not remember much, but there is the sky blue. Maria told me something about the dead souls. I felt they were behind me. In the arbor was a woman in a white dress with her hair down to the waist, she would say to these people. Seen in paradise trees and even animals.

— Maria warned that I have no right to use his gift for selfish reasons — said Yasha. — So now I'm in school myself, not using skills to anticipate.

— Before, I used to look at people and see the crosses — says Yasha. — Now I understand that the way the body labeled sore spots.


The mother noticed unusual daughter when she was three years old.

— Yasenka, having thrown his toys, often played with some invisible balls, told me that he saw a colored dust — says Lilia V.. — The daughter sees what happens in the future. For example, sitting, as if stroking the dog. The next day, friends bring us a dog as a gift. At first I was scared that my daughter is sick, and asked anyone from the family about it spread — continues to mom. — Yasha grew. She knows that some of her words surprising people, and nobody is trying once again not to shock.

Yasi mother Lilia V. has created a center of indigo children, so they do not feel deprived.

— Rather, it deprived us, not them, — said Lily, — must learn to live together and not break their psyche.

— Yasha and others like it will be in the study of solar eclipse, which makes the professor Vlail Treasurers — mother says. — Or, for example, the boys spend an experiment: man passes mentally picture and indigo recreates it on paper up to the last detail.

Today, in the center of 10 children. The youngest, Cyril, for six years. Boy sees herself queen Cleopatra of Egypt and talks as if he lives there, he knows where and how are all the cities, mountains, and even underground sources. But he is in Egypt has never been, and no he did not talk about it.


In the center there is a 12-year-old Vladislav, who also developed the ability to predict the future, but he does it in his own way: falls into a trance, and there seemed to read from the book are the short of things to come.

— Vladislav in childhood could predict the future but for the next hour — says Lilia V.. — The more it grows, the greater its ability to expand.

Vladislav's vision for exactly one hour ahead

Vladislav himself recalls that began to see the world through different eyes with nine.

— I went to bed and moved to the great void, where there is nothing, — he says. — One day my mother bought oranges — I saw them through the closed door of the refrigerator.

The 13-year-old Yaroslavna particularly acute ability to see the disease — those who can not distinguish even the most modern medical equipment.

— Indigo children behave in a specific and can see the aura of a man — said Lilia V.. — Green or blue aura — a positive, marsh color — negative. Children themselves indigo aura is dark blue, indigo, so it is well named. Indigo, primarily destroyers of the old system, they came to our world to remake it. There are several criteria that can be defined for these children. They tend to write with his left hand, drawing the letters from left to right and from bottom to top and right to left. They have developed both hemispheres simultaneously.


Experts have tried to reveal how long the world have come such kids. Some evidence suggests that the indigo existed in previous centuries. And one of the most celebrated predictions of the last century, this three shepherds in Fatima, Portugal, is directly connected with indigo.

Since 1917, three children hit their village first, and then the whole Christian world, stories of encounters with the Virgin Mary. Children are rural fools, wonderful, and no they did not believe it at first. But soon began to come true to their words. Prophecy passed through Virgin children, were later written down in the form of a diary. They are now stored in the Vatican Library as a particularly important and sensitive.

Experts believe that the Fatima shepherd children treated indigo. They, like Yasha Pazdera and some others, met with the Mother of God, and seek instructions.


Stories about the phenomenal children always fascinate. No wonder most terrible mystical novels are those in which a child with an angelic appearance begins to show unusual abilities. Harmless creature with blue eyes, chubby cheeks suddenly can cause a terrible fire, ashes were sleeping city. This is the plot of the film "Firestarter", starring Drew Barrymore as a child.

Little Drew Barrymore could cause the flame

In another famous Hollywood blockbuster "The Sixth Sense" nine Cole, who suffers an unusual disease has the ability to see and communicate with ghosts. These are the souls of people who were once dead and now raining down on your baby's oppressive fear and desperate anger. Cole lives with his loving mother, a little tired of the "quirks" of his son. Spirits leave scars on the boy's body and scratches. But among the other world and the good buddies Cole — Doctor — Psychotherapist Malcolm Crowe, played by Bruce Willis. He died at the hands of crazed patient. And with that light begins to engage with Cole and achieves some success — boy ceases to fear ghosts. And it may even help them …

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