Internal forces commandos awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation

Internal forces commandos awarded the title of Hero of RussiaFor personal courage, bravery and heroism in the performance of military duty in the criteria, involving a risk to life, the presidential decree of 30 May 2012 Ensign Katunkinu Artem Viktorovich awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation.

January 27, 2012 the deputy commander of a platoon of Chelyabinsk group of special purpose Internal Troops Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation ensign Artem Katunkin participated in special events to find and eliminate the gang in a forest in the Kizlyar district of Dagestan.

During the reconnaissance actions internal forces found painstakingly masked gunmen base and entered with them into battle.

The bandits did not once tried to break through battle lines commandos, throwing hand position fragmentation grenades. Changing the firing position, ensign AVKatunkin I saw that in the end the gap grenades, two comrades were wounded and lay motionless, and another seriously wounded commando tried to lead a return fire. The militants rushed advantage of the situation and attempted to escape through a corridor formed. Special Forces wounded in mortal danger. Ensign A.V.Katunkin hurried to the front edge of the positions of the Group and, cleverly changing firing positions, deliberately opened fire on the bandits. Waging an unequal battle, he killed three gunmen and forced the others to withdraw.

As a result of timely and competent actions of Ensign AV Katunkina managed to evacuate the wounded soldiers from the strip-fire to regroup the troops and to warn the bandits break through battle lines commandos. As a result of the forthcoming battle bandit group was absolutely destroyed.

Ensign Artem Katunkin Chelyabinsk became the second group of special military mission to be awarded the Gold Star of Hero of the Russian Federation. A month earlier, the highest rank of the Hero RF was awarded posthumously to Sergeant Eugene Epov, in the same battle to sacrifice herself to save comrades.

Katunkin Artem Viktorovich was born in 1980 in Kata-Ivanovsk Chelyabinsk region. He graduated from Industrial College. After his military service he worked at the call in the police, the Kata-Ivanovsk. Since 2003, he served in the Russian Interior Ministry troops. In the unit for special purposes of the Ural Regional Command Internal Troops MIA RF (Chelyabinsk) since 2006. Not once did service-combat tasks in the process of counter-terrorist operations in the North Caucasus region of the Russian Federation.

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