Intestinal infection reached neighboring Georgia

After a trip to London to Tbilisi from an intestinal infection caused by strains of E. coli, dead 32-year-old woman, said on Wednesday the Georgian TV Company "Rustavi 2".

"In Georgia, especially in the summer before recorded cases of intestinal infection. We call upon the people to observe the rules of hygiene, thorough expose products to heat treatment, wash your hands often and do not drink water from unknown sources, "- said the head of the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health Nat Avaliani," Novosti-Georgia. "

Recall that an outbreak of intestinal infection in Europe, was originally recorded in the north of Germany. As of Tuesday, the Federal Republic of Germany there are already 2.7 thousand cases. The number of victims of intestinal infection in Germany has risen to 22 people, one woman died in Sweden.

It should be said that the source of rampant in Europe deadly intestinal infection is still unknown. At first it was assumed that the carrier of dangerous bacteria are salad cucumbers from Spain, but this hypothesis was not confirmed. Then, experts said that the source of infection could be a farm in Lower Saxony, which supplies to markets in the germinated soybeans and other grains that are used in salads and main dishes.

However, the day before, on June 7, the German authorities announced that analyzes of samples of germs legumes not confirmed existing suspicions. Meanwhile, the "vegetable scandal" systematically transformed into an international political.
Infection is caused by the so-called enterohaemorrhagic bacterium Escherichia coli (E. coli). E.coli causes severe diarrhea, severe pain, and also affects the layer of the epithelium inside the blood vessels, which can lead to acute renal failure.

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