Investments in fixed capital in Russia in April rose by 7.8% and the unemployment rate declined by 10.3%

In the past month, the Russian Federation has been invested 682.8 billion rubles.

The growth of investment in fixed capital in Russia accelerated in April 2012 to 7.8% as against the same period last year and 1.5% in March this year.

In January-April of this year compared with the same period in 2011, an increase of 13.8%, according to Rosstat.

Unemployment in Russia was reduced by 10.3%

The total number of unemployed in April amounted to 4,372 million.

In Russia, in April 2012, there were 4.372 million unemployed, or 5.8% of the economically active population, according to Rosstat. Figure dropped compared to March by 10.3%, or 502,000 people.

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