It launches the first series of Rysachkov (a video)

Completion of certification light multipurpose twin-engine aircraft, "Rysachok the" development "Scientific and Commercial Firm" Technoavia "is expected in the first half of 2014, said" AviaPort "CEO Vyacheslav Kondratyev. 

According to him, recently completed work on the aircraft mock-up committee "Rysachok," which is the first stage of the certification of the machine, the second stage — the certification flight tests can be expected in May this year. There are some chances of completing the certification test aircraft at the end of this year or in early 2014 to give the type certificate for the aircraft "Rysachok."

Currently involved in the certification of three flying prototypes of aircraft in the 10-seat versions. However, the fourth plane, which is expected to release later this year, will have a lengthened fuselage and seats up to 16 passengers. At present, the 10-seat planes are flying in the certification of 16-seat aircraft, as 90% of the certification tests overlap, said V.Kondratev.

According to him, the lengthening the fuselage is a slight modification. Increasing the length of the fuselage for 16 passengers instead of 10, does not affect the flight characteristics of the aircraft, but at the cost of passenger seats will decrease by 1.5 times.

Now planes that pass certification, are under full development, and on them the control and recording equipment (ACA) to conduct certification flights, which will begin in May.

Currently, it launches the first series aircraft "Rysachok" of 5 cars.

As previously reported, in 2011 the Ministry of Transport instructed its regional offices to prepare a report on the needs of small airlines in the new Russian aircraft "Rysachok." In December 2012 it was reported that the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Transport decided on the types of aircraft for regional aircraft, which will receive funding — this aircraft "Rysachok" and M-101T. In the period up to 2025 is planned to produce 310-320 aircraft on each of these types. It is planned that by 2015 the country will be organized by the production of advanced aircraft, "Rysachok" and "Gzhel" and in 2019 in Russia should be done is a completely new technique.

"Rysachok" — a light twin-engine multi-purpose aircraft, made by the normal scheme nizkoplan the chassis from the front desk. Range — up to 2000 km, maximum altitude — 5000 m, capacity — 1570 kg, range cruising speed — 250-400 km / h, the crew — 2 people.

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