Ivanovo confectionery factory Red Dawn increases production

Ivanovo factory "Red Dawn" by the end of this year, plans to increase the production of confectionery products to 900 tons, and the number of employees will increase to 300 people. A year ago, the company employed only 80 people. Today the factory employs 223 people whose average salary is 20 thousand rubles.

Confectionery factory "Red Dawn" has opened in Ivanovo on March 9, 2010. Production was moved from the industrial area in the central part of Ivanov. More than $ 120 million has been allocated "Russian Agricultural Bank" for the modernization and development of the company. The total area of new buildings factories — 16.5 thousand square meters. It is a modern production with the latest technology.

The factory produces fudge and pralines, candy-class cuts and premium, and wafer products. The company carries out large supplies of products for commercial networks.

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In July 2010, after a successful joint presentation of chocolate "Pushkin", confectionery factory "Red Dawn" and "The partnership AI Abrikosov Sons "signed an agreement on joint cooperation in the production and development of premium confectionery products.

The main objective is the development of future cooperation for the "Society of AI Abrikosov Sons "line of chocolates and wafers, conceptually new to the Russian market.

Confectionery factory "Red Dawn" has released a new product, chocolates in boxes EUROPE CREAM.

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