Ivanovo machine manufacturers of products sold for the year by nearly 22 billion

Sales volumes rose last year compared to 2011, the 17%

In 2012, a regional engineering, despite all the difficulties, showed good growth. As announced on March 21 the head of the Department of Economic Development and Trade Svetlana Davletova at the meeting with representatives of the regional government sector companies, last year's sales volume reached 21 billion 826.1 million rubles. This is 17% more than in 2011. 

Machine builders produced a fifth of the total volume of industrial production in the region. The growth observed in most economic activities. The only exception was the production of machinery and equipment, it fell by 15.2%. The financial result of 2012 here — minus 140.6 million rubles. But the manufacture of transport equipment showed an increase of almost 27%.

Investments in fixed assets in 2012 the industry grew by 2.8 times — up to 643.9 million rubles. With these funds, mechanical engineers have implemented a number of investment projects. Thus, the "crane" modernized production of its cranes. Over the past two years there has earned shop on manufacture of ovoid arrows for cranes, bought modern equipment for metal cutting work. "Verhnevolzhskiy steel service center" has opened a new production of shaped pipes. "Ivenergomash" expanded the line of the machinery. Engineering Company "Kranex" began shipping its excavators to Cuba. But the first deputy chairman of the regional government of Paul Kon'kov believes that, compared with other industries investment Engineering is very small.

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