IZ-KARTEKS put on Stoilensky four excavator


Ltd. "IZ-KARTEKS behalf of PG Korobkova ", part of OMZ Group, has signed a contract with JSC" Stoilensky "on the manufacture of four excavators with various bucket capacity. In accordance with the contract for mining and processing plant will be delivered by one EKG-10, two EKG-8US and one EKG-5U. 

ECG-10basic model excavator, its production began in 1984. Today excavator EKG-10 electromechanical type — the main machine for mining companies in Russia and CIS countries. This year the Company "IZ-KARTEKS them. PG Korobkova "shipped at Olimpiada five hundredth ECG-10.

EKG-8US and EKG-5U are modifications of the basic model ECG-10. They are distinguished by an elongated working equipment, which allows for stripping and mining of ore in sub-standard conditions Stoilensky. Supply excavator will be implemented in 2012.

Stoilensky Mining is one of the leading producers of iron ore for the steel industry: it accounts for 12% of commodity iron ore in Russia.

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