Izhmash rifles will provide the Russian team in biathlon


March 20, 2012 NGO "Izhmash" visited the best biathlete of the twentieth century, the four-time Olympic biathlon champion Alexander Tikhonov. On the occasion of the visit of an important guest at the factory made a presentation of a new rifle "Biathlon" that the company will soon be put to the Russian national team.

Rifles "Biathlon" produced by Izhmash and above superior to competitors in a number of characteristics: the high accuracy of the barrel, reliable operation of the locking mechanism and a low price. These advantages are complemented by new Izhmash. In collaboration and commissioned by the Russian Biathlon Union (RBU) designers businesses have found solutions on the aspects in which Izhevsk rifle earlier inferior to foreign competitors. In particular, modified-release and locking mechanisms for more efficient work and durability. The new rifle sighting device changed: now the front sight base is height adjustable up to 10 mm. For the convenience of the athletes in the design of the rifle openings for additional rounds of ammunition under the trigger, and the additional handle on the handle reloading. More ergonomic and became bed, there are several options for its implementation. 

Conducted tests of new nanocomposite coatings trunk that will provide an attractive appearance and high wear resistance of metal parts. Designers continue to work on improving the accuracy of the barrel and have released a series of new experimental trunks, which are now being tested and will be ready for the new season. "Mr. Biathlon" praised the new development Izhmash, tried on the product itself and even voiced some professional suggestions for their improvement.

Alexander Tikhonov said he was very pleased that izhmashevskie rifle "Biathlon" experiencing a rebirth, and expressed willingness to support the company in their promotion in Russia and abroad. Holding a new rifle Izhmashevskogo production, biathlon legend said: "The best Russian weapons still there, it is in my hands."

Director of NGO "Izhmash" Maxim Kuzyuk, in turn, has shared its achievements and plans of the enterprise to conquer the European market biathlon rifles.

Today Izhmash is the golden partner of IBU (International Biathlon Union), working closely with the RRF. With sporting rifles "Biathlon" opposed by a majority of junior teams in Europe and the Russian youth team.

Products Izhmash demand for high quality and affordable price: foreign counterparts are 2-3 times more expensive. Izhmash inferior to them in service to the competition. 

Maxim V. promised that soon the problem will be solved. "By the next season service team is required to be established. We have partners in Europe, ready to take on the support of athletes at all stages of the World Cup in Europe. "

Soon, 30 new rifles "Biathlon" will be transferred to the Russian biathlon team for testing in the off-season, after which the modified novelty will be ready for mass production. The plant also ensures individual adaptation rifle under the anthropometric data of athletes.

The company's management expects that the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014, at least half of the Russian team will play and win with Izhevsk arms, and by 2018 will be able to develop a new generation of athletes, successful in biathlon including rifles through the production of "Izhmash".

And now — a new rifle "Biathlon" already managed to test athletes.

Juliana Kaysheva, a native of Udmurtia, biathlon, the winner of the first ever Winter Youth Olympic Games, has already tested the new rifle in action.

The upgraded model of the "Biathlon" aroused by Ulyana most positive emotions. Sighted weapons and managed to set up sight for just a few minutes, after which the athlete confidently beat out 4-5 of 5 targets in stance as well as in maturation.

After testing the new rifle Juliana shared their experiences. She noted a modern design and ergonomics bed, a convenient mechanism reloading weapons, which allows you to not change the ready and not lose sight of the goal in the process of reloading.

"I did not expect that the rifle so I like it. Of course, it is better than the one with which I am now speaking. I would like to get this, "- summed up the young athlete.

Now Juliana Kaysheva performs with an earlier model of the rifle "Izhmash", which has got her "inherited" from Oksana Neupokoeva.

Only with rifles, "Biathlon" Izhmash production today perform about half of Russia's biathlon team, including Eugene Garanichev, BOGALIY-Titovets, Catherine Glazyrina, Olga Viluhina and Yana Romanova, as well as most of the youth biathlon team both in Russia and abroad countries. 

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