Izhora Pipe Plant completed the overhaul cost of 60 million rubles

10 October 2011., Kolpino, St. Petersburg
At the Izhora Pipe Plant was completed overhaul, worth about 60 million rubles, in which the project was launched, aimed at developing the production of pipes.

 Photo source:imageban.ru

"During the first stage of repair of the investment project to modernize the site of the lining. In particular, the foundation is prepared for the installation of additional drobemeta to clean the inside surface of the pipe " — Says Director of Operations — Chief Engineer Battalion Andrey Lutsenko.
Besides the implementation of the first phase of the investment project in the course of overhaul work was done to repair the lower beam Pipe forming presses (welding and machining surface in the place of installation pushers), restored the outlet valve on the hydraulic press, hydraulic press installed a new sink.

According A.Lutsenko, installation of additional drobemeta in conjunction with other equipment will increase the productivity of land internal coatings, the quality of the finished product, and ultimately provide a full range of productivity growth in the production of large diameter pipes.

Supplier is the company «Bauhuis International BV» Netherlands, a construction worker busy company JSC "SU-326", St. Petersburg. Installation of the unit itself is expected to be completed by the end of 2011.

These works are the representatives of a number of companies, including: LLC "I Am T LTD" Moscow, Kolpinsky branch of «Severstal Promservice" (asset division "Severstal Russian Steel"), OOO "Prokatmontazh-1", Kolpino .

Overall, the renovation involved about 350 employees of contractors and representatives of the plant. All the activities carried out during the 12 days, will ensure the reliability of the equipment JSC "ASI" in turnaround time.

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