Izhorskie reactors in price again

The enterprise has completed the next phase of large-scale investment program

The investment program, conducted at the plant, which has become one of the industry is not only the symbol of the northern capital, but also the whole of Russia, will allow the company to maintain its leading position in the field of nuclear power plant equipment and petrochemicals. On the production of the current topics in the press to write for some reason is not accepted, but is not it interesting that one of the flagships of engineering reborn: the old shop turned into modern industrial buildings, light, warm, safe for employees — and saturated with modern equipment.

Izhora plants, leading the countdown of its existence, from 1722 published in the decree of Peter the Great, has always produced the most advanced product of its time.

It is here that made the first Russian iron steamer, the first Russian naval armor, the first armor for the best tank of World War II T-34, the first domestic set of drilling equipment, the first blooming, and more. Here, in 1979, took place the birth of the first Soviet reactor million kilowatts of power. Now Izhora plants are the single largest enterprise in the country, where the combination of high quality steel and steel and highly developed machinery that makes Izhora monopoly in the manufacture of shells of nuclear reactors and other equipment of the first circuit of the NPP. And all over the world like few companies can do. The program is revamping the generous support of major shareholder — Gazprombank. As part of this program was put into operation arc furnace of the last generation, purchased modern machine tools and other equipment.

Rumors that after prolonged "nuclear pause" Izhora plants will not be able to produce nuclear power equipment, were, to put it diplomatically, unreliable. Five cases of reactors for the three nuclear power plants overseas (China, Iran, India) has successfully manufactured and shipped on time. Today, the company is working on the equipment for the Rostov NPP Novovoronezh NPP-2, Kaliningrad nuclear power plant, as well as the second stage of the Leningrad nuclear power plant.

It should be noted that the Izhora plants throughout its history engaged in labor service and the introduction of new technologies and new products. During the period of stagnation, the nuclear industry (the reasons for this temporary stagnation of the world are all familiar with) the salvation of the enterprise was the petrochemicals — it has helped to preserve and production, and human resources. Was saved invaluable experience in designing and manufacturing a wide range of vessels Nho (petrochemical equipment). And it was one of the determining factors for the record rapid development of mass production of a new generation of high-tech equipment for the oil refining. Today Izhora plants, while remaining a traditional producer of nuclear power plant equipment, and is a successful player in the market of petrochemical plants, the player with whom to reckon both Russian and foreign competitors.

To get into the elite club of manufacturers of heavy refinery reactors, Izhorians had to go the hard way. Completed in 2010, the construction of the receptacles on the project TANECO, they proved that they are ready to compete with the world's leading manufacturers. In 2012 Izhora Plants consolidated their position in the world ranking, volume production of petrochemical capacities. We note in particular the order of the Tuapse refinery. This project was unique in many respects: the product with similar weight and dimensional characteristics in the Russian far failed, and deliver to the customer the amount of such equipment during the year, too, hardly anyone else could. For two years Izhora plants produced and delivered to the dock Tuapse six reactors of the hydro weight from 600 to 1,300 tons. In 2013, the company will release eight unique vessels that will allow Russian oil refineries to produce gasoline in accordance with European standards.

Any equipment, including a charge as nuclear reactors and petrochemicals, people do. Realizing the importance of the human factor in the Izhora Plants continuously improve social conditions for employees. In particular, in recent years, fully reconstructed buildings of the main shops (facades, roofs, floors, ventilation) and administrative and service buildings, repairing of dressing rooms, showers, and new modern dining. In 2012, the reconstruction and renovation of more than 30,000 square meters of roads in the territory Izhorskie plants, designed and landscaped parking lot for vehicles. As a result of all these changes and changed shape Izhorskie plants. And even the famous Izhorskij armored car — one of the symbols of the plant — has found a new pedestal and a new place on the background of renewed industrial buildings.

/ / Michael Trenin

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