Izhstal established a new line of mechanized ultrasonic testing

In the rolling mill "Izhstal" included in the company "Mechel", installed a new line of mechanized ultrasonic testing.

The line of ultrasonic testing (UT line) is used to test products mill 450 in the presence of internal defects. It consists of a table load, feed roller table and pockets for non-defective product and marriage. Metal table with inspection served on a roller table and during movement controller, using the flaw detector and sensors, controls.

The new line has a higher degree of automation and performance compared with existing similar equipment in the shop. Another advantage is the adjustment of its speed metal. If necessary, a more thorough examination of rental controller has the ability to reduce the speed of its passage through the line. The introduction of mechanized ultrasonic testing line will improve the efficiency of quality control products.

Linear profiled rolling mill 450 is intended for the production of round, square, rectangular, rolled and shaped sections of structural steel, high-speed, stainless, tool steel grades. It produces about 60% of all products manufactured by the enterprise.

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