Jacque Fresco. The Venus Project — unity with nature

Jacque Fresco and his "The Venus Project"Offers a comprehensive plan for the transition to a better society in which people, technology and nature can coexist in a long-term sustainable state of dynamic equilibrium.

Background birthday project

The "Venus" — a bold view of the future, built new people, convinced of the futility of the monetary system and the artificially created scarcity of resources. The main landmarks of social arrangement will be the economy of shared resources and high-tech automated procedure that will ensure the complete satisfaction of needs, and the displacement of people's attention from the aggressive nature of owning a cognitive resources and useful activities to maintain a high level of quality of life.

It Jacque Fresco in Stockholm — The Venus Project

The "Venus" — a research center in Venus, Florida. The founder of the project is to Jacque Fresco — American futurologist, the manufacturing engineer and production designer. He gained worldwide fame thanks to the movie "Zeitgeist: The application". He, along with assistant Roxanne Meadows design a future where people, technology and nature to coexist in a dynamic equilibrium, without neglecting to each component of the system. The efforts of scientists focused on the search for the true causes of common problems of the society. The findings of scientists are not encouraging, and we predict a great shock to all levels of human existence.
Monetary system

Our world has a huge technological potential. There newest technical and technological means, expressed in patents which can facilitate the work and obtain the desired result. And every year, this potential is growing. A large amount of resources goes to military build-up and maintain the combat readiness of the army. Spent a lot of investments in the defense industry of the state to preserve the sovereignty and security of the country from the threat of war. The budgets of billions of funds registered in the illusory world of imaginary argument. Because all external and internal problems are solved, as a rule, force reinforcement means. Directly and indirectly transfers the military sector will affect the well-being of the population. First, the reduction of military expenditures of the course will ensure the safety of money in the budget. Second, if you send money to the scientific industry beneficial to society, it will sooner or later have a positive effect on quality of life.

The monetary system of modernity that emerged many years ago, constantly gives rise to economic inequality, dividing people into rich and poor. In a bid to compete in the possession of the gifts of nature, people use market mechanisms, and if that does not help, bribery and violent aggression. Artificially creating scarcity, methods of monopolization, the crushing news technical breakthrough, a handful of people manipulating production volumes and prices of products respectively. For example, to prevent the abundance of agriculture some countries pay extra for a low yield, in order to avoid bankruptcy of companies, and for them and the economy. Others, on the contrary, placing strict limits, in fact, no attachments arbitrarily reduce the level of production. And this is in some way generates corruption, social inequality, theft and other shortcomings of human society.

Among other things, the presence of the monetary and banking systems allow the existence of the formula:

Z = X + Y,

where X — the existing money

Y — money with interest that must be paid to the debtor.

Y — money that should be printed, because they do not exist in reality, because they are not secured by real property. And as Y — is an indirect slavery. Loans to provoke inflation. Banks with money do not give their free and used to own a carefree life. At the same time, creating a deficit and other economic restrictions devalues work and contribute to higher prices. In fact, credit and banking system — is a pyramid scheme, the result of the existence of which — a complete collapse and crisis. Judging by the trends of our time: a difficult financial situation in the euro area, the growth of the national debt of America, which constantly patch financial holes infusions Reserve and on the other hand — cheap Chinese products and the wave of crisis — a direct result of these destructive processes.

It is through such crises increased movement of "Zeitgeist" from the same movie. In these films totally explains the essence of the concept of the U.S. Federal Reserve, which is the brainchild of credit and banking system, showing its inhumanity. Author of the film considers the monetary system a great deception.
Human behavior

Man is not born cruel and merciless such, it fosters Wednesday. The misconception that genes are a man's character is reprehensible. But people are not born with anger and hatred for each other, it is developed from our experience. Of course, human nature requires a "mark" their territory, forcing the fight for their property and production, but when wealth will be in abundance — would not make sense for them to fight.

The main role of human behavior has his upbringing and environment. Conditions "create" rights. We become the ones where we grew up. Language is not inherited, it is passed to the upbringing. Cannibalism is, where it is welcome.

The formation of man is based on the environment:

financial well-being;
Information Environment (TV, books, internet);
education, etc.

Based on the fact that all moves and changes according to the natural law and world is changing. With the latest technological progress and the crisis of public arrangement to replace the old new world to come. Depends on people coming from all of us. Choosing between destructive and constructive behavior one must make a choice. Each will make a step and pridvinet future, followed by a change of consciousness and the transition to a new level. Our future — this is the work of our own hands.

Human values depend on the social environment in which he grew up. And since it is a product of the monetary system and selfishness, therefore, the person grows here naturally predictable. The man, who grew up in the ideals of capitalism will take care of business and making money than the satisfaction of life of people around him. Any company whose investments are primarily aimed at the welfare of their workers, not on advertising and new equipment will be less able to compete with other firms.

There are laws that do not solve the invented millions of main problems. The higher echelons of the bureaucracy and legitimize the theft of the elite and severely punish petty theft of middle and low classes. As long as the earth's resources are used for the benefit of elected and while there is disadvantaged, no people with high moral values are not in power would suppress lying, cheating, stealing and corruption.

No matter how you came up with the laws, there are always those who violate or bypass them. Thus, the law gradually lose their human rights function, increasing the degree of restriction and punishment of the crime to the point of absurdity. In this case, the morality of the people does not change either in jail or on the loose. States are not struggling with the cause, but only temporarily eliminate the consequence of the disease of society.

To solve the problem of morality — people need to be freed from the oppression of everyday making money for yourself first and second products needed.

Designing the future

'Paradise or oblivion' — Jacque Fresco — The Venus Project

The aim of "Venus" — to create a global civilization with the resource-oriented economy, universal automation and extensive network of "smart" cities. Given the fact that the machines and robots more successfully replace people in productive activities, the greater the role of mechanization and automation in human life. And this is reflected in a reduction of people in jobs and reducing wages. There is a rise in unemployment and falling purchasing power. Automation — this is the path to collapse, and move forward towards a new world order. The development of cybernetization, automation and artificial intelligence will significantly reduce the cost of mankind on monotonous work.
Smart cities

Smart cities

The basic postulate of the resource-based economy is the proclamation of the world's resources belongs to all humanity, not individual corporations. In the restructuring of the planet into a global civilization will focus on the opportunities and needs of the person. Infrastructure must be redesigned and work as a general interconnected system. The world community as a whole will take into account the interests of everyone.

The project involves the principles of scientific methodology. The implementation of the project as a device of social order rests on a scientific approach. All the principles and methods of proven merit recognition. If there is a choice in favor of magic, astrology and science, the choice of a reasonable person will be the last. Its universal descriptive language, understandable formulas and definitions are clear educated person. The more a person uses at the moment, what is required? It's reach and the invention of the great minds brought to perfection technical craftsmen. So, first of all, is a complete inventory building society:

physical resources;
production capacity;
people's needs;
location of the cluster.

By creating an information network on finding sources of supply, the construction of various facilities, production processes and human needs, built-in sensors will bring the system up to date information servers, where artificial intelligence will solve problems and work effectively.

Resource-based economy would achieve better results. To date, there are developments that enable to provide the population of the planet inexhaustible supplies of energy. The driving forces are to be used:

The ebb and flow;
Ocean currents;
The difference in temperature;
Geothermal energy;
Natural gas;
The phase transition;
Fresnel lenses;
Nuclear fusion.

Even today, there are technologies on which we can build a power plant, the use of which gives unlimited amount of energy. Such as geothermal power, their use according to the scientists, can provide 500 times more energy than is contained in all of the world's natural resources. In some countries, the energy extracted from the bowels of the earth, is a warm greenhouse for growing plants. The construction of electric turbines in areas of fast water currents such as the Gulf Stream will also provide energy. By connecting the Bering Strait tunnel or a bridge, you can use it as a transport channel for the transport of materials, collection of marine products, and international travel. Any manufacturing process will be virtually free. The remaining moments of complete improvement processes will become a matter for enthusiasts.
Smart cities

To date, the service spent a lot of cities, but with low efficiency. It is more practical to build new cities. Innovative multi-level circular city will combine cutting-edge techniques and materials of construction. They are easily modified to implement innovations. The circular structure, built with the needs of the people will be surrounded by parks and gardens, require minimal energy costs and provide the best quality of life and preserving the environment. The city will take into account the needs in health, education, art centers, sports venues, items the supply of goods, and other facilities necessary for life. With its abundance of information people will be designed by the vital institutions.
Scientific advances in the project Venus

Scientific advances in the project Venus

The distribution of products and services will be conducted at the centers of supply without money or any other form of exchange. It will be possible to know everything about the product and test, and then as needed to take advantage for their own use or on receipt. Will be given as much information and convenience in use. These things can take back. It will be a public library in a broad sense. In architectural centers will be to design and visualize the results on the spot through the 3D-projectors.

It was more time spent on the family and home, and not a permanent job for the money and well-being of families will be more harmonious and complete. Will create all conditions for comfortable coexistence.

The circular scheme takes into account the distance between the objects — they are shortest. And the presence of waste treatment, energy production, and other services will operate under the close supervision of cybernated systems. Some forms of cities will vary depending on terrain and other conditions. Some are linear, underground, as well as swimming — "sea town".

Among the buildings will be computerized complex, where there will be a virtual three-dimensional picture of the Earth in real time for evaluation of all information about the state of the planet. The university town — Research Center, in which knowledge and skills will be put into effect in the near future, and this will be a factor in the grading. Dialog Center — a place where they will solve the current problems of the world level.

Materials will be selected in such a way that their surface is arranged in the form of solar panels in parallel and act as a heat store. During the construction of the buildings will be used heavy-duty and lightweight materials like carbon fiber. The windows in these buildings will automatically be shadowed, and to form a light, and the rooms automatically maintains a given climate.


Transportation will be under the control of computers. A large spread of high-speed trains will have on the magnetic suspension and monorails. Overcoming long distances, they are an alternative to air transport.

The transport system will be built as safely as possible in view of the sensors. For the convenience of passengers and cargo transport units will undock for quick loading and movement speed. Small trucks will be controlled at will by voice commands or buttons. Transportation systems will be built modular and easily updated as innovations.

If air transport is widely used vertical take-off and landing. Deltaic aircraft operated electrodynamic process will be more convenient to operate and safe.

Airports built in a radial configuration, which simplifies podlet planes and a central building for the convenience of passengers.


Will be introduced throughout the mega-machines that produce, transport and install large modules and components for the construction of buildings of various types.

This will create a laser excavator capable of melting the earth's surface for the construction of roads and canals. Machines for the automatic construction of tunnels used for trains on the magnetic suspension. Large machines will build a building by moving the whole building blocks. In the same way, and will be transported over long distances.


The Venus Project offers a comprehensive plan for the transition to a better society in which people, technology and nature can coexist in a long-term sustainable state of dynamic equilibrium.

On the motion of "Occupy Wall Street" — Jacque Fresco

The motivation of people in society is not the desire to earn money, not doing your favorite, often monotonous work. Consumerism and the desire of big profits falling by the wayside, since people will no longer be important money, and require opportunities for a full life, where goods and services are in unlimited quantities. Under these conditions, people will begin to explore the world, to explore and to learn new knowledge and will take the path of creative work. Potential of humanity will enter a new stage of consciousness.



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