Jessica De Lima Rohl. From death does not go away

From the fate not go away. So say the ancient times. But more is considered imminent death. And even if someone managed to slip away from her bony hands, it is all the same catch up sooner or later. It is for this scenario events developed in the life Jessica De Lima Rohl, which narrowly escaped the tragedy in a nightclub Kiss, but trick did not work, "Grim Reaper" in a week

21-year-old student Jessica De Lima Rohl participated in the organization of the ill-fated party, selling tickets at her, and she was going to go to the disco. However, when she was about, her 20-year-old lover Adriano Stefanel Weber, who lives in the city Taledo near Santa Maria, where the fire occurred, called her and for some inexplicable reason, begged to stay home. Obedient girl agreed to his entreaties.

The next day, when Jessica found out about the tragedy, she was shocked, and for a long time could not believe that the case has saved her from death. Since then, both said the publication of Terra father Adriano, Jessica did not know how to thank her savior, and referring to it as "my guardian angel" and "Adriano was happy that I could help her in this way."

, The young man was very worried about the fire at the club, and on the morning after the tragedy, called his father in tears, worrying for the 16-year-old sister, who could not go to the party. But my father assured him that she also stayed home.

This week, Adriano was planning to come back from the Toledo native village, where his parents lived, and where he would be closer to his lover, who lived in Santa Maria. Jessica herself even went for his hero in Toledo. But as soon as the couple went to the 130-kilometer route, their car collided with a truck. Jessica died from his injuries on the spot, and her boyfriend, who was preparing for the next day to celebrate his birthday, he died in the hospital.

"Adriano always told us that he felt lonely, and as soon as earn money immediately back to us. He's back, but not as much as we planned, "- grieving father Adriano. "But when a man's mission comes to an end, and this happens in a fire at the club, or in a traffic accident, we have no choice but to accept God's will."

Fire on January 27 at a nightclub in the city of Santa Maria claimed, according to updated data, 238 people living, writes Reuters. 81 people remain in hospital, the condition of 23 of them characterized as extremely serious. According to survivors, during a performance of the musical group from the pyrotechnic show sparks lit soundproofing on the ceiling. In a crowded room started to panic and stampede. Most of the dead suffocated in the toxic smoke that filled the disco.



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