John Searle — a genius in the way of oil barons!

Four years in a row (1968 and 1972) every first Sunday of the month, John Searle's neighbors and passers-by watched paranormal phenomena. In the hands of professors came to life, rotates and generates energy generators unusual; discs with a diameter of half a meter to 10 meters rose into the air and make controlled flight from London to Cornwall and back.

Television journalists BBC BBC began filming a documentary about the extraordinary devices. It was shown on television. The result was unexpected: the local committee on electricity accused John Searle in theft of electricity. Electrician did not believe that his laboratory was nourished by their own source. Scientist jailed for 10 months. During this time, the lab had a strange fire, but before it all of the equipment, drawings and mysterious invention disappeared. From the scientist wife left him. In 1983, the 51-year-old John Searle got out of jail completely bankrupt. What would you do in his place? Searle began all over again. Perhaps affected hardening, resulting in childhood.


John Searle was born in 1932 in the United Kingdom in the county of Berkshire. His childhood hardly happy, at least in the conventional sense. This child did not have loving parents; them, in fact, did not exist. In six years, the official marriage of his father seven times left the family and never paid attention to his son. My mother suffered from mental illness, struggling to make ends meet and care more about the device's own life than about the education of children.

In four years on the court, John gave to state custody, and he moved to the board of Dr. Barnardo. Even as a child, he became a frequent visitor to the hospital as suffering from a rare violation of the vestibular and hearing, which could not be cured. Because of this, the elderly Searle began to experience severe headaches.

His childhood was a lot of religious dogma and a few friends. None of his friends, much to the chagrin of John, could not afford to disregard the prohibitions and by linking all the sheets on hand, down from the third floor of the guest house locked up to get a taste of freedom.

But in his childhood dreams were. Very strange dreams. He dreamed of numbers, they are united in the squares, with well-defined way: so the sum of the numbers on the horizontals, verticals and diagonals found to be equal. In mathematics these are called magic squares. And even in his dreams had electricity. Dreams come back again and again, but for a boy it was just pretty pictures: he could not understand the images he had seen. But then realized that I needed to connect with the electricity their lives. Over time, these dreams began to come less often, but they are very influenced his inventiveness. For example, one night, after years of unsuccessful attempts to theoretically explain the experimental data, it is a dream Searle saw Pythagoras, who gave a simple and elegant solution of his problem. Thus was born the famous law of squares.

In 1946, John Searle began himself to earn a living: he took a job as an engineer to repair electric motors. That's when he made the fundamental discovery of the nature of magnetism. He found that adding a small AC component (~ 100 ma) radio frequency (about 10 MHz) in the manufacture of permanent ferrite magnets attached to it new and unexpected properties. After a series of experiments with flat magnets Searle made a ring magnet and several cylindrical. Magnetize them open way, he put a cylindrical magnets on the outside of the ring. In this case, a nudge of one of the cylinders of the drive to ensure that all of the cylinders began to move in circles. And this movement is not stopped.

Searle found that if the number of rollers, arranged around a specific minimum power some number, they begin to rotate on their own, increasing speed until not come yet in a dynamic equilibrium.

His invention allows access to a new, hitherto unknown method of producing energy. Without the material costs for the process. But Searle's interested in something else: which affects the installation options? Why in different sizes, different numbers of rollers, different materials and different magnetization does not always reproduce the effect itself? He understood that there were some "successful combinations" installation options, but could not find the key that would have helped to understand and calculate these combinations. Prior to the discovery of the law of the squares remained one step.

The scheme of the first experiments with magnetic Searl bars and rollers

Replacing the rectangular bar on the ring magnet makes the movement more natural spots

The classical scheme of the modern three-level generator Searle-effect

The Russian version of the generator John Searle — Set SM Godin and VV Roshchina

The experiment was obtained up to 7 kW of power without external power source and there was a loss of up to 40% of the weight set

The first decisions and understanding came at night. Stressful day reflections resolved in a dream, and suddenly: Searle saw the unknown parameters of its establishment, their numerical values are combined into a table like this.

31 37 28 38
40 26 35 33
34 32 41 27
29 39 30 36

At first glance, this is an ordinary magic square: sum of the numbers on the horizontals, verticals and diagonals are equal. But John Searle found that his "ordinary" magic squares have unusual properties. For the inquisitive gaze of the inventor and scientist, they were as he himself says, "a window to nature." Everything in nature is based on the strictest laws, convinced the professor, but we do not see them. We can not see them, because we have received a standard education, which is why just blind. Or put on blinders. By filling your mind stereotypes, we have lost the very ability to wonder, to seek an open mind, have ceased to be. And do not perceive reality for what it is, and so what we have been taught to perceive it.

Searle believes that his discovery of the law of squares is not. On the contrary, this revival of the ancient principles of mathematics, which, according to him, more than 5000 years. The law of squares, which is detailed in the book of John Searle, is the visible form of the expression patterns found in nature. It offers an unbiased investigator and requires above all a decisive parting with established concepts, attitudes and approaches. Many have tried to reproduce the installation Searle, but turned it off units: those who have the patience to understand the principles of operation of these facilities who are willing to say: "I know that I know nothing" — and was not afraid to give up stereotypes.

The law of squares can not explain in one article. But John Searle is ready to send the book to those who wish to understand it.


Throughout his life, Searle wanted to embody the images and ideas that visited him in his childhood. At first, it was a passionate interest in youth, mixed with longing for the unknown. Over time, it has grown into a mature creative fire investigator. As improved prototypes and conceptualized the law of the squares, and more clearly delineate the contours of the dreams that led him from childhood. John Searle realized that it might be useful, that his talent does not belong to him as much in need of his work.

Man today is too focused on consumption, too greedy for all kinds of goods, according to the professor. And too dependent on energy sources, which is still not enough. Waning desire consumption leads to contamination of the planet, including the combustion of petroleum products. And if the instinct of consumption is not so easy to win, to give mankind an environmentally clean source of energy is very real. So the idea of SEG (Searl Effect Generator) — generator Searl effect.
"There is no impossible. Except for the fact that the state of your mind will make those. "

John Searle

In fact, John Searle just supplied its system of self-propelled magnet power converter of their movement into electrical energy. The rotating magnetic cylinders generated in the coils mounted on the perimeter of an electric current — it was all very easy. But in order that the generator was working as efficiently as possible, it was necessary to strictly maintain the calculated parameters of the law of squares. This in turn required more precision equipment. The lab began to appear machines, presses, equipment for magnetizing elements of the generator, the vacuum chamber to work with neodymium powder foundation magnetic rings. Humble abode scientist gradually turned into a cross between a laboratory and workshop. But this workshop was completely autonomous: it fueled generators miracle Searle.

Simultaneously with the experiments continued research. Scientists have discovered that when increasing the rate of rotation of the magnetic cylinder, generator … losing weight. To investigate this effect, Searle made a separate generator in the form of a disk and force (using an external motor) unwound it to high speed. The tests took place in the open air. To everyone's surprise, the drive continues to spin, separated from the generator and quickly rose up to 15 meters. From it came a pink glow, smell of ozone. Suddenly joined stationed around radios. Generator meanwhile clocked up even more speed and dramatically soared into the sky, out of sight. Searle took the time to learn how to manage what was then called the IGV (Inverse Gravity Vehicle) — anti-gravity vehicle. Despite the loss of several experimental disks that it was unclear how to stop, later, John Searle has learned to control them in flight, the maximum range of powered flight — 600 miles!

Professor repeated the experiments in Russia, the USA and Taiwan. In Russia, for example, in 1999, under number 99122275/09 was registered patent application "device to produce mechanical energy." Vladimir V. Roschin and Sergei M. Godin, in fact, reconstituted SEG and conducted some tests with it. The result was the statement: You can get a no cost 7 kW of electricity; rotating generator was losing weight up to 40%. It would seem that we are on the threshold of new energy and almost crossed the threshold …

But it is not so simple.

The film is about the SEG and IGV, filmed BBC BBC and shown on British television, now can not be found in one file. Searle's first laboratory equipment were taken to an unknown destination, while he was in prison. Installing Godin and Roshchina just gone, all publications about it, except for an application for an invention gone. Of course, you can blame the energy monopolies that do not want to lose revenue from oil and intelligence agencies seeking to transform all the innovations in the arms, but it's probably just the tip of the iceberg. Iceberg of human consciousness, which does not change in a moment. In this sense, all the new should not just be born, but also the test of time, to earn its right to exist. You should see the ones who will be prepared to accept, and not just use it. So supporters are always a hundred times more important than material support or public recognition.

The Companions

They say that like attracts like. Despite the fact that in the case of magnetism, this principle works the other way around, in the life of John Searle's been that way: somehow he pulled into its orbit amazing people.

I must say that the professor has a reputation unfairly unsociable person. Journalists do not miss an opportunity to accuse him of unwillingness to share secrets. John Searle is always laughing in response: "In my life I told my secrets more than a million people. I wonder why they do not want to hear? "Indeed, the last decade, this middle-aged man spent traveling the world, visiting all continents and having read a lot of lectures. These lectures do not make money, it was an attempt to reach out, trying to find like-minded people.

The fact that told and showed in his lectures, John Searle, left no doubt about the reality and the prospects of his inventions. And it is constantly hovering around enterprising people willing to find the means and opportunities for the organization of production miracle generators. But, alas, these people are not quite interested in how and why these generators are running. Their eyes lit up when they were counted in the mind of the potential profits, and immediately went out, when the professor said that he would not make money, but to work for the common good of all people. Well, that was not always so.

One day, traditionally answering questions after the lecture, John Searle drew attention to the man who literally froze and only his eyes carefully followed the lecturer. They had a long talk in private, when everyone was gone. Bradley, the "man in black", was one of the closest associates of Searle. Working in BKL Films, one of the Hollywood companies, he is now making a film about John Searle and his inventions. And also captures video at all the details of current experiments. Just in case. Who knows what.

There were other touching stories. One day after the lecture, Professor long waited for an elderly couple. Greatly embarrassed, they presented the inventor … a new pair of shoes. Not hard sorting out the topic of the lecture, they were amazed that the old shoes of the charismatic lecturer about to part with the soles. The fact that Searle has long been the norm limit to save on food and clothing, to the last penny to spend all the funds available for research. Bill Sherwood and his wife have since been taking care of a professor and as the way to help him to make the case.

Today, John Searle's large and friendly team of associates in the UK. He actively collaborates with laboratories in the United States and Taiwan, leading parallel research and development of SEG. Several private investors have helped him not only to recover looted laboratory, but also to equip it with the latest technology. Searle himself constantly lecturing, giving an interview. And of course, continues to operate. It would seem that more needs to be happy?

But it all is something missing. He can not settle down. And now wants to open his own high school to teach children from childhood to look at the wider world. Dreaming about this education that will not put blinders on children's eyes outdated dogmas, stifling the spirit of research in children, and will prepare them to accept the world as it is, in its infinite harmony and beauty.

John Searle wants to stop the pollution of our planet, the cause of which sees the insatiable greed of man, leading to a lack of energy and material resources. He believes that a clean source of free energy will solve the problem of people living below the poverty line.

Perhaps it is naive. Perhaps not all of his dreams come true. But one can say exactly why, despite all the difficulties he has achieved and continues to achieve success. In one of the newspaper articles called him "a man who continues to dream." Better, perhaps, you could not tell. While living in the XXI century, it actually does not live here. He lives in a beautiful, fair, perfect dream world, which is struggling to return to the people. And it was not in his technical genius. He believes and knows that the world can be better, and my faith lights the others.


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