JSC Aviastar-SP continues technical re-equipment

In the operation of a unique portal-and five-axis milling machine "ENDURA 1005," the German company FOOKE.

The machine is specifically designed for the mechanical machining of the contour of spherical alumina.

— The new machine has been set up in Germany and has no analogues in Russian industry, — says deputy. chief engineer of JSC "Aviastar-SP" Alexander Andreyev. — Digital technology in the production of Il-76MD-90A are used much more widely than in previous articles. The very design of the plane created electronically and require post-processing with the use of funds

  • ENDURA 1005
  • ENDURA 1005

with numerical program control.

The technological characteristics of the machine make it possible for one installation details do several operations: milling in thickness and contour, drill holes, while reducing overall labor costs for manufacturing parts.

At the moment the machine is at the stage of acceptance tests. At the moment, there is a check of equipment for technological accuracy made prototype parts sent to a central laboratory for independent measurements. In the near future machines will be put into operation.

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