JSC Aviastar-SP has finished work on the assembly of the pilot compartment aft fuselage MS-21

"Aviastar-SP" has finished work on the assembly of the pilot compartment aft fuselage promising medium-haul passenger aircraft MS-21. This is the first design, made in Russia for this plane.

— As with any other newly created plane, all the components of the MS-21 are tested for life and vitality — explains the director of the FSA "Irkut" Sergei Milukov. — Thus, the experimental tail fuselage MS-21, assembled in the workshop of 572, will travel to Riga, where he will be tested for several years. Test bench in Riga will supply compressed air into the compartment, holding pressure and venting. This is one test cycle, which roughly corresponds to one load real flight, but carried only five minutes. To justify the resource in 60,000 flights will be carried out 300,000 test cycles for complete confidence in the reliability of the design. 

Development activities (R &D) project MC-21 deployed on the basis of the enterprises responsible for the manufacture and assembly of carbon fiber units, according to the scheme of industrial cooperation: OCD in the manufacture of composite wing holding company JSC "AeroComposite." "Aviastar-SP" at this stage produces metal components and performs general assembly of carbon-fiber tail: design-and full-scale models of such compounds, limited and full-scale sections of structural elements of the caudal fin, as well as developing projects of normative documentation on assembly technology. Supplier of composite elements of the test specimens and full-scale structures is the tail of "CVTs" Technology "(Obninsk).

In total, the assembly in the "Aviastar-SP" to be about 1300 experimental samples of which have been collected about nine hundred.

— To date, complete assembly of simple patterns, and experts' Aviastar "started to complex design-like, is also being prepared for the production of natural samples — says design engineer department glider KB FSA" Irkut "Sergei Savin. — It raised the standard, basic and constructive-like samples were passed to TsAGI for further testing. Some samples are tested in the direction of protecting the aircraft against lightning and static electricity on the basis of "LII. MM Gromov. "

The next year, "Aviastar-SP" plans to produce the first set of carbon fiber tail.

The draft medium-haul passenger aircraft MS-21, implemented by JSC "UAC" and JSC "Corporation" Irkut "with the support of the Russian government, has become a good alternative to foreign aircraft and the conquest of the Russian aircraft industry to provide up to ten percent of the market for civil aircraft.

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