JSC BPO continues to build innovative roofing plant in Saratov.

1 December in Moscow, the VIII International Conference dedicated the 20th anniversary of the Association "Diana". Association opens its third decade of innovative construction plant for the production of roofing and waterproofing materials in the Saratov region.

Association "Diana" in the Russian market of building materials since 1991. With the continued sustainable development of the "Diana" deeply studied the technology of roofing materials, production processes and analyzing the possible consequences associated with the manufacture of the product. "Already in the first year of existence" Diana "has sold a soft shingles (MBCH) in a volume comparable with ten football fields (60 × 100 m), and in the second year — already with 30. Today, the Association is "Diana" sells roofing materials for more than 500 fields "- said Alexey Kabanov, President of" Diana ".

In the framework of the VIII International Conference dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Association, a special attention was paid to the construction of innovative plant Roofing and waterproofing materials in the Saratov region. The first phase of production at the plant is planned in the second quarter of 2012 will be equipped with a set goda.Zavod allowing mixed colored granules, and apply them to the canvas roof tiles "in color compositions includes 12 colors and their mixtures, which will offer the market a fantastic variety. Created by our partner, the American company The RDI Group, system equipment will switch to another form of shingles in just 30 minutes. Our production capabilities meet the needs of the Russian market for the next few years ", — said General Director of the Construction Plant Sergey Andronov. For more information on the latest technologies for the manufacture of rolled materials (membranes) that will be used on a newly built factory told Frederick Koestler (President, The RDI Group (Reichel &Drews Inc.) And Gino Pastorutti (General Manager Boato International SpAa su).

"Our equipment allows you to change the color of the mixture for ten minutes, the production system can be operated at a speed of up to 335 meters per minute — said Frederick Koestler — as long as we do not need this speed, but the plant has such capabilities." "We aim to take position technological leader in the industry, based on the complete automation of all processes that ensure low production costs, enviable quality and diversity of product range, — said Sergey Andronov, — one year after the start of operation of the plant we paniruem version 80% of orders within 24 hours. "

Prior to the construction of the plant association "Diana" in the Saratov region had a similar production, which led to the need for supply bituminous waterproofing and roofing materials from other regions and countries. Production in Saratov will reduce the cost of roofing materials, as will significantly save on logistics and transport costs. To provide such a large point of the consumer market as southern Russia and the Volga region, a quality product will be much easier and cheaper.

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