JSC Find Marin Partners has laid the keel tanker project 00211

A series of vessels of this project is based on the order of "Rosnefteflot." Construction of the tanker carried out in the framework of the program for the construction of the fleet in the interests of "Rosneft".

Tanker series 00211 Project Design Bureau ship design Vympel (Nizhny Novgorod) — an advanced, powerful, cost-effective ice-class tanker Arc4 classification of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, which allows year-round navigation in the Far East. The tanker has the most advanced operational and maneuvering characteristics. Due to ice strengthening housing category Arc4, he is able to perform year-round navigation in the Far Eastern seas. Its cargo complex will allow simultaneous loading or unloading of more than 3 million tons of oil products up to four different types of flash without limitations. Key Features:

  • length — 88.9 m,
  • width — 13.4 m,
  • depth — 7.9 m,
  • deadweight — 3100 tons,
  • speed — 13 knots.,
  • class symbol: KM (*) Arc4 [1] AUT1-ICS OMBO Oil tanker (ESP).

  Transfer the customer tanker is scheduled for October 2013.

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