JSC Pluton equipped the Minsk metro



Station "Michałowo"Styled as a cold winter sunset. Columns are made in light beige colors in the ticket hall salt goose in dark blue colors. Also present composition, reminiscent of a flock of flying birds.

At the station "Petrovshchina"According to the artist depicts winter starry night. Vaulted ceiling in the" Petrovshchina "encased about 400 LED lights that create a sense of the sky.

Traction substation three new stations in Minsk subway equipped with modern facilities co-production by JSC "Pluton" — JV "Plutonenergoprom."

Complete sets of equipment have been delivered "turnkey", including installation, commissioning, start-up.

Equipment manufactured by JSC "Pluton" — JV "Plutonenergoprom" has been proven successful in the Minsk metro in 2005 as a reliable, easy to use and safe to operate.

In 2005, the
was commissioned equipment for the stations'Kuntsevshchina","Stone Hill"And"Pushkin. "

In 2007, the

modern equipment of our production were equipped with traction substations stations "Borisov tract","Uruchcha"And the adjoining area of Art. "East. " 


2011we have delivered equipment for traction substation Art. "Institute of Culture. "

Thus, during the last years equipment provides uninterrupted and quality supply of electricity to the Minsk subway. According to the results of the work equipment to the satisfaction of operating personnel underground.

The company JSC "Pluton" congratulates Minsk metro and Minsk residents with a welcome station "Grushevka", "Petrovshchina" and "Mihaylovo"!

We wish the further development of the Minsk subway!

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