JSC Siberian Agrarian Group opened a new poultry farm incubator Tomsk

December 14 in the Tomsk region hosted the opening ceremony of the new hatchery poultry "Tomsk" growing breeding birds in the Youth Section. To build and equip the incubator took about 170 million rubles.

The new incubator will replace the three existing, obsolete. To date, the Tomsk Region is the most powerful and modern workshop incubation capacity of 22 million hatching eggs per year, which will allow a 1.5-fold increase in poultry production in the region.

Currently, the site is working Molodezhnenskoy 35 workshops for floor (poultry population of 900,000 broilers) and conducted a large-scale reconstruction of the 11 poultry houses — mounted equipment for broilers, which is the automatic feeding and drinking systems with individual lighting in each cell and automatic discharge of poultry for slaughter.

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