Judgment Day and the brown dwarf

JoJo Talks Nouri, a leading American radio station "Coast To Coast "with Wayne Young, known to most as Lukus, the author of the well-known film in America — "The Destroyer Star and the Future of Humanity"

— G. Noory: You know, I have several years talking about the Mayan calendar and 2012, and I believe that will happen for a strong solar event. Well, listen — now some scientists warn: "Be prepared for the fact that the strongest solar storm would cause disruption or blackout (blackout) within a few months!" Scientists say that a solar storm can knock out satellites and disable electronic devices, damage could reach hundreds of billions of dollars. Scientists say that the human race is vulnerable to solar storms, as never before in the history of the planet should prepare for a "global cataclysm in the style of Catherine" (a storm like this in 2005 was approx. Translator). Will corrupt the global navigation, computers and telephone systems.

Lucus: You know, George, I've never been a believer in 2012 (2012-believer), how do you …. until recently (both laugh). Too many things going on at once. And here is the latest prediction was a surprise for me! We [USA] have spent billions of dollars to improve our satellite technology over the last ten years, protecting it from solar storms and radiation. And here we are with our scientists, who now predict and warn us about the super-high (super-intent) solar storm.

Last solar super-storm on Earth was recorded in 1859. He was so strong (intense), that the people of Colorado in the middle of the night woke up from what was bright as day. And the storm knocked out all telegraphs, even considering that some are not connected to the power supply! Wire insulation on Telegraph burned bright flame. But, as you know, it was a time when there were not a lot of electronics. If it happens now, it will damage the insulation on the wires and the whole earth! For the Third World it would not be very bleak, but for the developed countries, it would be incredibly destructive. ATMs will not work, we will not be able to pump oil [Yeah, Americans are only about oil and think, I for some reason just about accidents at nuclear and hydro thought, Trans.]

And that's what is most interesting — the last solar maximum was in 2000, and no one makes such warnings, no one said that things could be so bad. Why now? They know something about what does not tell us about the sun?

G. Noory: Makes you wonder …

Lucus: Really makes … Right now there is a region of the sun on the opposite side of the Earth and there is observed an incredible activity and that activity is slowly turns to us and about next week, these outbreaks can start again bombordirovat Earth. It may not cause a super-storm, but something is definitely going to be prosihodit soon!

-Wheatley, thanks, we'll still talk to you later!


  — G. Noory: Let's return to our recent theme — brown dwarf in our solar system. Next, we'll talk to LUCUS site's webmaster rabbithole2.com and alternative news site that tries to explain that our sun has always been (locked?) In combination in a binary orbit with svezdoy-brown dwarf, which was known by the name of the ancient Destroyer (Destroyer ), Dark Star, Nemesis, Nibiru and even the devil or dragon. Hi, Lukus!

Lucus: Thank you very much for inviting me, George, I'm very happy about that.

G. Noory: You're welcome. I just ofigevayu (find it fantastic) what astronomers are beginning to think that this Planet X in the solar system can really exist and can be a star, a brown dwarf! Something clearly prosihodit, do you think?

Lucus: Oh yes, in fact it started a long time ago, back in the 80's. The strange thing is that in the early 80's, many scholars have suggested that this dwarf exists in our system, and there were many articles on the dwarf, which spread all over the world. The article says that astronomers have found something in our system. But then suddenly stopped talking about it. Just shut up and that's it.

G. Noory: I remember the ABC news release at the time, about the possibility of another planet or another heavy body in the solar system, and then they just threw this case, all of this score.


Lucus: Yeah. I guess they decided they did not want to cause hysteria and agreed to hush up the story (keep it quiet). By the way today the 28th anniversary of the publication of the article in AssoshieytedPress that "scientists say that there is a star-killer" and this article was published 22.02.1984, so that they are there for almost 30 years in the subject.

G. Noory: This is a very strange time in our lives. I mean, we can see how the world is changing around us in a matter of days. On our site there is an article about a small town, which has been fixed temperature difference of 100 degrees during the week of -39 to 61! [American degrees Celsius seems smaller, but still dohrena in my opinion]. It does not make sense! (It doesn't make sence!)

Lucus: Yes, I read it, very interesting.

G. Noory: Earthquakes around the world, astronomers now warn of solar storms, which can literally destroy us and look at the Yellowstone caldera, with its expanding! Even a brown dwarf. And all this is happening at once. Zhang?

Lucus: Oh, yes. About Yellowstone — last in 2010 a few square miles of land has risen by more than 10 inches in one year and it was It is full of earthquakes, USGS kootorye actually removed from the site. Seismic monitors are directly connected with the site, and someone had to go to the site and physically remove the data.

G. Noory: Why did they remove them?

Lucus: Well, they do not want to raise public hysteria, it's very important — to have a peaceful population in this period. -If everyone knew what would happen is, was, would be mass hysteria, people stopped, would go to work and zadepressili. And we seem to get closer to that point. And if you look at the historical sources, it seems that every 3600 years event occurs, which "resets" civilization.

G. Noory: And if you look at all the events in the east, where people have simply adjusted to handle?

Lucus: Yes. They come to the point where the little dictatorial system is simply not stand


G. Noory:Until we went to the break, tell me about your site and DestroyerStar-DVD.

Lucus: I created this site to explain to the people in simple terms what is happening. How it started for me? I started my research when I was a teenager. I began to explore more and more, and, I believe, somewhere in 2004, the year I began to realize that prosihodit something very important behind the scenes there must be some great motivation. And then I began to learn that corporations and the powers that be relocated to the hills and uplands, and it was sort of a signal. And I started to compare the ancient civilization and the time of their rise and fall. And I brought it to a presentation to show to your friends. He showed, along with ancient petroglyphs depicting spirals, etc. [I hesitated to translate the rest, so believe me that guy did his homework] In general, I wrote a book and showed it to a friend, he advised to read the others. It turned out that hundreds of want to read it, so I made the film and poured it on the Internet, like this and get the site.

G. Noory: You studied the prophecies? Notice how totally different civilizations came to one and the same, the conclusion?

Lucus: Oh yes! You know what I think about the prophecy? I think that most of these people do not predict the future, they just had access to some ancient sources of information about events that have already happened cyclic. In a thousand years, someone finds me and says he's supposedly a prophet. But I am not a prophet, I just witnessed what is now proihodit and I could write it down on paper!

G. Noory: How are you interested in the theory of binary system?

Lucus: Well, first I paid attention to all the articles in the early 80's, then this star called black dwarf, then for some reason renamed brown [talks about the study at the time], and all just line up in a very orderly line. Weakening of the magnetic field of the planet, etc.

G. Noory: Brown dwarf is hydrogen svezda, not like our Sun. Tell us about it.

Lucus: This star is invisible, it is very cold — just a few degrees above absolute zero. And all of the radiation in the radiation proiskhodet range [know koryavenko translation, but you ponimate]. On this principle we have it and not videm from her stupid not orazhaetsya light. Prior to 1995, no one would be able to locate brown dwarfs.

G. Noory: It is massive?

Lucus: Oh yeah, about 8 Jupiter masses [nehrenashechki yourself?]

G. Noory: Scientists dmayut taking it somewhere in our system?

Lucus: Well, actually, they prepare the public. A situation where the government is struggling to prepare the people, but they can not say anything concrete! So they are trying to prepare the people so astronomical articles and all kinds of shows about survival and the apocalypse. They are trying to gradually put in the minds of the people the information that they have started to prepare now to nebylo such that all of jerked meat for the last time.

G. Noory: So why do they say about a planet, or even a star?

Lucus: I think that's part of disinformation. While this is called a planet, astronomers all over the world will say "nonsense, we would see the planet-if-she was there." But if it were, it is known that a star-people would start to realize that dwarf almost impossible to see, even if he is not far from the Earth. All that can be seen — it's a big black circle in the sun in the sky.

 G. Noory: -Well, if you say "planet" that sounds slightly) and the illusion that those who live there can be, and in general it's not very scary — the planet after all. But when you say "brown dwarf" that sounds quite fun and not so optimistic.

Lucus: Yes, this thing here revolves probably from the time of the dinosaurs. During their existence was just always warm, and after the dwarf began this cyclicity with dips and rises in temperature ………

G. Noory: This star was "caught" by our system or it has always been there?

Lucus: I believe that she was caught. There Sumerian theory that the Earth was hit by this object sooo long, not exactly the star itself of course, but one of its satellites, which the Sumerians called Nibiru. And actually as a result of the collision and formed our moon, and since then, our system has become binary.

G. Noory: But after the Sumerians well as believe that the Anunnaki came down to this planet?

Lucus: Correctly. I think that's just a coincidence. Now we also see an incredible UFO activity around the world, we can assume that if it came to the same. Maybe they came just to witness the event for the sake of science, or to offer some help, and they were not from this planet, just so happened that they came together. Who knows?

G. Noory: So there is more than one object?

Lucus: Of course, around this star can rotate a pair of small bodies.

G. Noory: Each star has a binary twin?

Lucus: No. Scientists recently discovered that the majority of systems two, three or more stars. If would our system was one star, it was, would be a very rare exception to the rule.

 G. Noory: -What do the star got in our system?

Lucus: It's a big ball of gas, but he never had the power to turn into a supernova, not enough mass to start a nuclear reaction. So perhaps it was flying out there until it was captured by the gravitational forces of our system.

G. Noory: If it rotates with a period of 3600 years, as suggested by Zakaria Sitchin, she comes to our planet and causing disastrous events every time?

-Yes, it will work much like our moon at high tide and low tide. And it may be that for example if the star will be coming from the south, the water will be drawn to this side, and then the planet is spinning! Water thoroughly wash away everything in its path, and then when the dwarf goes, everything will start again.

Lucus: Then Noah? [Like that for some reason they say]

G. Noory: Noah's Flood, the deluge of Atlantis, etc. [More in the translation may be inaccurate, many ancient names] It's amazing how all the events are repeated every 3600 years! 3600 years ago, we have: the fall of Jericho, Sodom and Gomorrah, the Exodus from Egypt, the destruction of the First Babylonian kingdom, the appearance of the first Egyptian dynasty. Still further to the 3600 years: the creation of the Byzantine [something], [more about some of supervolcanoes and tsunami]. Another 3600 years before Atlantis [and something else, I do not quite understand].

G. Noory: How close is the star must be close to our planet began to feel the devastating effects?

Lucus: Star should not have to be close, she would hit us if you think about it. Rather, according to the ancient Sumerians, dwarf will look like our Sun, about the same size [probably will be some neat eclipse))]. We started to enter the ice age 3,600 years ago. The temperature was a half degree above the level of the oceans by 17 pounds above and days of the year was 360. And then the event has occurred and the Egyptians have changed the number of days in the calendar to 365. These additional five days were called "days of death." Ocean levels began to fall, the temperature began to fall, so that in fact we are in the phase of the Ice Age 3,600 years ago.

G. Noory: And what is happening in the world now? This involved a star?

Lucus: Yes, definitely! Almost everything that we are seeing now is somehow related to this event. Environmental changes poodgotovka government etc.


G. Noory: Most likely, people will notice what's going on at the last minute, but said it all at once! This thing can do to us?

Lucus: Well, first of radiation. It will be very strong radiation. In addition to the flood will be many zemletryaseyny, strong, and around the world. Outsiders gravitational forces will influence the magma below the surface and the "pull" to the surface. So there will be earthquakes, volcano, volcanoes, in principle everything that you can imagine.

G. Noory: Extreme temperatures?

Lucus: Yes, the temperature drops.

G. Noory: So this is what the Mayans knew?

Lucus: I believe that the way it is. The ancient civilizations had access to the knowledge we have today simply do not possess. I think that mankind was very technically developed 12,000 years ago, and at the end of the Ice Age to the level of the oceans was 500 pounds lower than today, and all mankind lived on the ocean floor as we live on earth today. And for me, Atlantis is not a city, I think it was a whole civilization is moving on the planet. And when the ocean covered them with the city, the remains spread over new territory and built the pyramids around the world. [Says something that can be traced through these structures, how every 3600 years rejected pole]

G. Noory: When the dwarf will come to us, we will somehow be able to see it?

Lucus: Oh yes, it will be a big black circle in the sky that can not be visible. And I think that the Norway Spiral was somehow related to this. If you watched the video, you'll notice the spiral turns into a big black disc in the sky and the blue glow emanating from the black disc.

G. Noory: Do you think it was our dwarf?

Lucus: Yes, I like it.

 [Break in the program]

G. Noory: Lukus what should happen to the scientists recognized the korichenevgo dwarf? (What will it takes to scientists? …)


Lucus: So many have already recognized this. If you look at the Binary Research Institute, many scientists believe it, you just do not see them in the news.

G. Noory: Clear. Tell me what you think about chemtrails? [ChemTrails — a very popular topic in America and some countries in Europe, look on YouTube]

Lucus: For years, people see these signs in the air and start to panic, "They're killing us, grass, fucking elite!". I researched this issue and the first thing you should pay attention to — what is the composition of the vapor? I took some samples and found a large amount of barium. Barium absorbs radiation, it absorbs the subatomic particles in the atmosphere. So they spray it all these years because I try to block radiation. In general, you know, when I thought about these tracks, I was thinking something like this: the elite are also people, they have families, friends, children. Why would they want to poison themselves? They just chose the lesser of two evils.

G. Noory: I wonder … So you're convinced that we [the U.S.] know about it?

Lucus: Oh, exactly! Many in the government knows this. They build these huge ghost towns, of which you may have heard.

G. Noory: Yes! This is strange! Very, very strange!

Lucus: rather, they are building all these cities, ready to move into. We are at in America too thoroughly prepared for these soobytiyam. Many institutions were relocated to the mountains. The CIA, the military, all are moving to the mountains of Colorado.

G. Noory: Let's talk a little more about Yellowstone? Because it is so far, there's an activity. This thing blows every 640,000 years. This volcano to the ground, only the top of the caldera. If it blows, the entire territory of the U.S. budek covered with 3.6 feet of ash?

Lucus: Well, it will not be the only problem, if it blows. The fine particles of ash will cause pneumonia, because the body will think that it is hostile to bacteria. When the volcano erupted for the last time, for killing animals on the other side of the globe.


G. Noory: So what is the probability that a volcano explode in the next 20-50 years?

Lucus: Well, if you watch how things are going, it seems that it is gaining momentum. They [the government or military?] Established many of the new equipment to monitor the volcano.

G. Noory: New Madrid? How about this place?

Lucus: Yes, they have a lot of earthquakes lately.

Lucus: 700 aftershocks over the past few months. Remember that it is once again the place where he first began to fall from the sky and the first dead bird fish kills occurred just a few miles from this place. So it's all connected to each other. The government is preparing, FEMA prepared the 4 million MRI [packed lunch] just in case of an earthquake in New Madrid.

G. Noory: So what do you advise all people to do?

Lucus: Ehhh … Do not panic, stay calm. This is probably the best thing you can do.

G. Noory: It's happening right now, that's all you can feel, see.

Lucus: Most people can feel it, not necessarily for this watch the news or read the newspaper, and so I feel that something big is coming.

G. Noory: Suppose LUKUS that brown dwarfs exist. Suppose he has a gravitational effect on the planet. But he must somehow influence on people, on their heads, behavior? We can see that prosihodit during a full moon — the familiar cops rasskazyvat that at this time the people coming off sum.


G. Noory: Ohhh yes. You raised a really interesting topic. Go back to the story — the Tower of Babel. What happened? All have forgotten how to speak. Our brain and its neural pathways can be easily damaged by subatomic particles — anything can happen.

G. Noory: Recently, I hear from people that they feel very strange. Strange dreams, strange new sensation. They feel that they have panic attacks, heart attacks — run to the hospital and checked — everything is normal. Maybe this is the second star?

Lucus: Definitely. It is a combination of influences …………

G. Noory: Tell me what the ancients said about this period of time?

— [The description and title of the book, there is the Celts and the Egyptians and more about someone, a description of how fire-breathing dragon down to earth and so on, sorry, I do not quite understand the biblical English, everything is very allegorical and metaphorical]

G. Noory: As the ancients saw this catastrophe? The dragon, the devil, Satan?

Lucus: You have to understand that the new civilization is not very advanced in technical terms, so they are documented and recorded it all wrong, as it did, would we. But they tried. They drew the ancient petroglyphs. This incidentally was one of the things that seriously riveted my attention to this theme — spiral petroglyphs around the world, but mainly in the mountains and in the valleys are almost impossible to find.

G. Noory: They saw it as a god?

Lucus: I think they took it as something evil, devilish. Many civilizations worshiped the sun as a god, and that it is the opposite — a black sun. The eternal struggle between good and evil.


G. Noory: I know a couple of scientists who several years ago predicted passage brown dwarf. People laughed at them! It seems that no longer laughing.

Lucus: Yeah, do not laugh. Before laughing at those who denied that the earth is flat or that the earth was the center and all revolve around her. It's just a story.


G. Noory: It is somehow related to the storage vessel for seeds?

Lucus: Sure. The project — a joint creation of the Bill and Milinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and approximately 15 other countries. They collect seeds hranilitse in Norway.

G. Noory: This is of course a rather clever that we do it. But is not this means that they have something to hold back?

Lucus: Yes, it's just amazing proihodit svoeremenno. I'm sure you've heard that the sun was in Greenland for two days earlier. In the news talking about it, that global warming is to blame [and something else there with the melting of the ice], but this is just oborzhatsya and up)

G. Noory: Why the secrecy?

Lucus: On YouTube there is an interesting video that I advise everyone to see, is called «THE MADNESS OF A LOST SOCIETY» [madness lostness Society]. Videos about "Black Friday" [Moon or sale? or both?] and about how people behave, how they bite in 10-dollar toaster. Imagine how people will behave when there is very little food or water, or when the information appears on the end of the world? Cause and privacy.

G. Noory: It is very important that the system worked as long as possible.

Lucus: Of course, very much. A word of warning — do not be the people who will break the gate to hide, because people are not nice and fluffy and be willing to put all of the shelter. So I think that now in order to start all over to stock food, water and other utilities.

………………………………………….. …

G. Noory: So what will happen if one day the president will gather all sit down and say, "Ladies and gentlemen, in our solar system is one more star and it's not a gut?" People fly off the rails!

Lucus: Yes, probably a quarter of the population will never come back to their workplace. Will plunder other crime.

G. Noory: Look what they do to the people of the east, just to throw off dictatorship. Remember how some cops Marauders during Katrina! If people find out that the end is near, it will be something else vremyachko!

G. Noory: Exactly. In elite circles, a lot of people know about it, and everyone has their own opinion of what to do. Some say that it should be carried out top secret, others believe that it is necessary gradually, bit by bit to release information about what is to come — principle is what we see now.

G. Noory: Dwarf will ssoboy asteroids?

Lucus: Yes, most likely around the star has an asteroid belt, so the same as that of our sun. In general, we see it now, asteroids, more and more. Earlier fireballs (fireball) may well have noticed once a year, now they see every day.

G. Noory: When including the "jamming" of those scientists who know what is happening?

Lucus: It seems that once again in the 80's. Do you remember? You're old enough (old enough) to remember that in the 70 most popular topic of conversation was the "Ice Age"?

G. Noory: Yes.

Lucus: And all these newspaper articles and news releases, "Ice Age is coming," etc. And then they suddenly found [I do not understand that, who knows better English and attended transfer, be sure to tell me what they have found to refute] and all completely changed. They pereregulirovali economy in the 80's to prepare for this cataclysm. And at this time formed a "facade" that kept scientists away from the topic and the information concerning her.

G. Noory: And they are really prepared. Do you think the Denver airport — one of those places?

Lucus: Oh, the Denver airport is generally a zinger. It cost more than anticipated goraaazdo first. Like the budget would be about 1.5 billion, but it turned out that all 6 billion, and it has a very high-tech Kevlar roof, designed by NASA and the airport, presumably under a large number of underground facilities. And they signed contracts, workers were building them one sublevel, then fired workers and hire others, again entered into new contracts.

G. Noory: That is niukogo of the builders do not have the full picture?

Lucus: Exactly. Well, it's still on top decoration [discuss a little, well, you vkurse what there design].

…………………………Break ………………………..

G. Noory: They also can not keep it a secret for too long, Lukus?

Lucus: No, of course, comes a certain time when they can not keep it a secret.

G. Noory: And then what? As they will tell us when the time comes?

Lucus: Well, this is my personal guess, but I think it will be a public performance, and any lottery, based on genetics, intelligence, race, etc. And then everything will be pulled to the Denver airport, which can pump 1,000 gallons of fuel per minute. So obviously he was prepared for any mass transit operations. It seems it would be like in the movie «Deep Impact».

[Discussing the lottery, that they will need lotta people, ordinary workers, including because no elite easily million will survive obsuzhdabt that now global census is for this reason — it is necessary to count and identify all who where)]

G. Noory: It's like when the Anunnaki created us to dig gold)

Lucus: Yes, I find it very interesting, because last year I found out on the second page of the Bible, where God said to Noah, the river, where there is gold, so he can dig up there. And for me, the question remains — why God told Noah to where to find gold? Why did he have the gold that Noah could have done with it?

G. Noory: Yeah, it's strange …. And what about the Vatican does with its two telescopes?

Lucus: A lot going on in the Vatican. They built one telescope in Phoenix, it was convenient to observe the object. Vatican well as the library closed for the first time in 500 years, it's almost a year to, as they put it, "proapgreyditsa." Likely to retain all the knowledge for the future of humanity.

G. Noory: Here's how to take calls from listeners. Casey from California!

[There permanently when they call listeners, they have long hello, say they are glad to hear each other, that in the wake of many, many years, etc. etc. , So I will write immediately questions]

Question: Why is it happening now Lukus? These are events that usually occur once every few thousand years. And now it's happening to us and at the same time! Why us?

Lucus: Well, march we are lucky)

Question: Nevezet mean?

Lucus: No, I treat it differently. We — a generation of people who will see this incredible event. We're all going to die anyway. Would you prefer to die in a hospital bed with cancer, or see an event? In general, such a large esti asteroyd fall of the city, most people do not have time to see anything.

Question: Tell me about the magnetic field of the earth. It varies.

Lucus: Absolutely. I watch Japanese scientists, they installed satellites that monitor the magnetic field. And this field is undergoing a dramatic change, that's for sure. And we can say with certainty that these things happen. For example now dying all the birds, fish and animals. And about a week ago there was news that has not received much publicity in the mass media. Children in Louisiana to travel, and all that they did — got out of school, got into avtobous, went to the restaurant, then came back. And get a sunburn. In the middle of February!

Question: Lukus, do you think all this information about what is to come, we go to the cinema, radio, TV shows, books, and everything else? Just never this nebylo to me like someone saying, "George, this thing is coming, are you in their shows to train people, explaining to them all, calm down, but do not tell the specific information!" I've never had such.

Lucus: There are people Tipo Chris Carter [x fayls] who recognize that their films were inserted into custom-made parts or some specific ideas or pieces of information. And he's not the only one.

-Accepted the call from Greg from Iowa.

Question: Why none of the scientists and physicists astonomov niochem not saying do not warn people? After all this radiation, change the magnetic pole — all measurable things, they can demonstrate?

G. Noory: here's a story, Greg. Most recently, two astronomers have said that they believe that it is a planet or dwarf definitely somewhere on the border of our system. There are other astronomers, who do not agree with their calculations, they say that there is nothing there. So there is a constant debate, even among scientists!

Lucus: Oh, yes. As long as you have a government that subsidizes three different scholars with three different theories, nothing concrete is done. Think like a scientist can tell from what made the planet that orbits a star at a distance of some twenty light years if it can not vysnit what causes ice ages on their own planet? This is because they do not want it to be clear.

Question: There are generally scientists who argue that we are just at the point kritecheskoy and everything is going on?

Lucus: The sun rose two days early in Greenland. That should tell anyone that something is happening. Sit down and think about it carefully — it is very, very serious event! Throughout all of recorded history the sun rose in this place on 23 February. The local is an annual festival, a big party. The people do not mind a little broken, when the sun was 21!

[Then called another man, who was studying at the university for astronomy, said that his teacher a question about binary system said, "I do not want to talk about it, if there is a second star, I can not help with these." This man also said that he had near his home in the mountains of crap huge carved into the mountain, supposedly mine, and she was completely empty for 40 years, and while he was calling on the radio, the government loads the mine equipment and supplies ]

………………………………………….. …………………….

— [About government preparations] They are still working at the Denver airport. 18 years later, they still work! Get thee to five miles from the airport, and you turn to in the enclosed area with a sign "denverskogo airport property."

-We have a call from Michael, Saint Louis.

— As for the censorship of Yellowstone and the rest — I do wonder to reach you, my channel on YouTube and the guys I work with are once again engaged in censorship of the Yellowstone, and it's actually a much "deeper" than just Yellowstone. They cut a number of satellites in the last week. Stereo-forward stereo back, day-to-back [and Gauvreau, xs what he meant]. In general, I want to tell you that it is very good that you talk about it now, it is necessary to inform the people. And while all that said Lukus — from my point of view is true. And most importantly — do not panic. We have to prove that "they" are wrong and that we are civilized people. Is an intentional dizinformatsiya people.

Lucus: Absolutely. This is how to get into the hot tub. You'll climb up there gradually. Here they are doing the same thing with the information and gradually change public opinion. The reason why people like me are still alive, it is obvious that someone wants us to stay zhivimi. They have in fact strong enough to eliminate any human being on the planet. Everything has a reason. They want those who understood all first of all, have already started to slowly, slowly prepared and prepare people, their loved ones, to nebylo big noise

Translation: Daniil Peterson

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