KGB special group A — a massive anti-terror weapon

KGB special group "A" - a powerful anti-terror weapons

Management of the "A" Russian KGB Union in the world more clearly under the title "Alpha". The main objective of which was put before the subdivision was to conduct operations aimed at preventing terrorist attacks. At present, the fighters unit, which is under the control of the FSB Russian Federation, attracted to the role in the operations carried out in the "hot spots."

Group "A" was created 29 July 1974 on the orders of Yuri Andropov, who served as chairman of the KGB. The main objective of which was put before the chief Andropov Seventh Directorate of the KGB Misha Miliutin, was to create a unit that would be able to deal with terrorism. And such a vivid and memorable name — "Alpha" — appeared far not once, but much later, thanks to the journalists. A first forming their own band was the title of a much more modest — "A".

Activity on forming units began immediately after receiving the order Andropov. Initially group consisted of 30 people. It was the best shots, which at that time possessed the KGB. It should be noted that they were not only in good physical shape and combat, and features a good education, rather to remember that in those first soldiers of a unit was a graduate of the Faculty of Law, as graduates of teacher's college and aviatehnikuma.

Initially, the group was conceived as a very narrow profile counterterrorism unit, which specialized in the prevention of hijackings. But gradually expanded their functions, and the group has a strong structure struggle against terrorism.

As the unit was formed, the soldiers started training. First years were not easy enough, so how in the world had just begun to fight the terrorists, because almost everything was new and mysterious. There was also a lot of problems with equipment, as it was necessary to take into account such reasons as quietness, comfort and strength. A lot of time was devoted to the development of non-lethal weapons, with which it was possible to disarm militants without risk to the hostages. There have been an unlimited number of training operations, which were worked out in the course of the different strategies and techniques of behavior in extreme situations. In addition, the perfected skydiving, orienteering, mine blasting business. As for the weapons, the first period of its existence the men were armed with "Scorpion" Czech production. In the structure of the group was formed and subdivision, is prepared to fight against underwater saboteurs and terrorists. In addition fighters were trained in Cuba and the Baltic.

At the headquarters of the "Alpha" with the passage of time has accumulated a lot of plans for strategic assets that existed not only in the capital and throughout the country: embassies, airports, railway stations, while for each of the objects there were certain generation. Participants units also studied the principles of devices from different mc. Since most of the fighters had to deal with people volatile, unpredictable, because a lot of attention was paid to mental preparation. And very often precisely because of it managed to neutralize the terrorists without doing with all this, nor of the 1st shot.

First commander of the unit was V.Bubenin, but 4 years later, he was asked by former place of service. A few months doing his duty, Colonel R.Ivon, and then led a group of major-general G.Zaytsev, who ran it in 10 years. In the following years led the management of major-general and a colonel V.Karpuhin M.Golovatov. Then, in 1992, the post again in the hands of Zaitsev. In the last years of the last century and still ruled by a group of lieutenant general and A.Gusev A.Miroshnichenko also Andreev. Since 2003, this position is held V. Vinokur.

Today there are several versions of how the operation was the first in the history of the "Alpha". Some experts believe that the activities of the group began almost immediately after forming, when students staged a demonstration outside the Consulate of Togo and blocked with the requirements of the Embassy of Ethiopia to raise scholarship. However, this first operation ended peacefully, without the introduction of guns. According to the other professionals, the first unit operation was carried out only in December 1976, when the men of "Alpha" was accompanied by a dissident V.Bukovskogo in Zurich, where he was to be changed to the secretary general of the Communist Party of Chile Corvalan. Despite the fact that the situation was strained to the extreme, in general, all ended well, and Corvalan was taken to Moscow.

And finally, the third version of the start-up of the "A" — an operation to neutralize the unknown, which in March 1979 was leaked to a South American embassy, demanding to allow him to go to America. In the event of failure to comply, he threatened to undermine the building. The soldiers began to negotiate with a terrorist, and, despite the fact that they did not have the result, though for a time managed to lull care villain. And yet, the explosion could not be avoided, with the result that the terrorist was killed by the acquired injuries on the way to the clinic.

Perhaps one of the more recognizable and brightest Special Forces operations is storming the palace of Amin in Afghanistan in December 1979, after Russian troops occupied the country. As a result of the assault were killed 5 men "Alpha", but the injuries of varying severity were actually all the other commandos. This is the first operation was a real baptism of fire "A" group, which she was "perfectly well" by making virtually unenforceable.

After the unit returned to Moscow in 1980, it was entrusted to the men engaged in the protection of Olympic facilities (including in the capital of the Olympic Games were held). In terms of the main objectives of the group came inspection of ships, as the protection of Yasser Arafat, the 1st of the more notable visitors metropolitan Olympics.

In December 1981, Sarapul two soldiers were taken hostage by 25 students with a teacher. Terrorists immediately began to negotiate and before the arrival of the fighters 'Alpha' even managed to persuade them to let beautiful girls and a teacher. And as the terrorists sought in any departure from the capitalist states, it gave the opportunity to win Tipo time on paperwork, and in fact for the preparation of the operation. Several fighters "Alpha" made their way into the building and were ready for the assault. But the fire was not necessary, so as terrorists, getting passports, release all remaining hostages. After that alfovtsam there are no obstacles to break into the premises and disarm the terrorists.
The subsequent operation was carried out in November 1983, when terrorists hijacked Tbilisi-Leningrad and claimed to fly to Turkey. In order to intimidate they shot the pilot and flight engineer, flight attendants beat. And as the crew members was a tool, it appeared firefight, during which one of the attackers was wounded. In response, two passengers were killed. The crew managed to return the plane back to Tbilisi, where the unit "Alfa" was another major brilliant operation without the loss of any one hostage. The soldiers were leaked to the salon and disarmed terrorists.

Something similar happened in September 1986, when it was captured by the Tu-134A "Lviv-Nizhnevartovsk." During the capture of terrorists (two sol
dier-deserter) opened fire and killed several people at once. They claimed to fly to Pakistan. With these negotiations started, but they have not brought results. In addition, terrorists damaged the density of the aircraft, which was on hand to special services, as they were able to win the 12 hours to repair. This time, it was not too far away redundant, since the terrorists were not amateurs, they served in the internal troops to liberate the aircraft from the terrorists, because knew perfectly well how to seep into the plane and could just guess the moves of "Alpha". It was not clear, as if there was a situation further, if terrorists are not claimed drugs. They were required, but together in order — and got a potent sedative. One of the terrorists fell asleep, and the second has agreed to release the hostages. After that commandos immediately ran over to the assault, as a result of which one terrorist was killed and the second was injured.

Then there were the operation to free the kids who were taken hostage in December 1988 in Ordzhonikidze, detained in August 1990 in Yerevan, the gang of "gray."

In the 1990s, as part of the "Alpha" There were about 500 fighters. After the KGB has sunk into oblivion, ran across the control unit controls the Head of Russia. Slightly later, in 1995, it became part of the Federal Security Service and converted to the Office of the "A".

The modern history of the group "A" began in 1991 with the capture of the television tower in Vilnius. Then, in August of the same year came to see the action in Moscow, when the city was, in fact, a state of war ("alfovtsy" then refused to take part in the storming of white houses). A similar situation occurred in October 1993, but now the men of "Alpha" went on to release a government building. After this operation, the fate of subdivision significant changes have taken place, its men were removed from the head of the country.

Better known and disaster Budennovsk in July 1995, when terrorists Shamil Basayev seized clinic with hostages. It is in operation in Budennovsk "Alpha" suffered the greatest loss in the history of its existence.

"Alpha" conducted successful operations in August 1995, in Moscow to arrest illegal gun dealers, in October 1995, for the release of hostages in Moscow tourists from South Korea, in January 1996 in Kizlyar, in December 1997, in Sweden, in 1999 -2004 years in Chechnya and Dagestan (in the process of local armed conflicts), in July 2001 in the mineral waters.

One of the most significant and tragic events of the beginning of the new century was the capture of terrorists Metropolitan Theater "Nord-Ost". The terrorists sought from the Russian government to withdraw its troops from Chechnya. Despite the fact that all the militants were killed, 129 hostages died as a result of the introduction of gas. Several fighters "Alpha" were injured to varying degrees of severity, and concussions.

At present, the "Alpha" is continuing its efforts to combat terrorism. This unit is rightly recognized as an elite. It always gets the new standards of weapons and equipment, and the men constantly improve their ability to training bases. They own unique experience, which makes them a stern opponent.

Unit "Alfa" is recognized as one of the best in the fight against terrorism, while they say it's not only the Russian experts, and most experts on anti-terror around the world.

KGB special group "A" - a powerful anti-terror weapons

Yarcev Vyacheslav Ivanovich. KGB special forces captain, the group "A", from 1980 to 1991 year. Veteran of the Afghan campaign, a member of several counter-terrorist operations. Coach karate, kick-boxing and fighting. He graduated from St. Tikhon Orthodox Humanitarian University, the center of spiritual education of military personnel.

KGB special group "A" - a powerful anti-terror weapons

Emyshev Valery. Special Forces colonel of the KGB, the group "A". The KGB worked from February 1966 to 1988. As part of the first set of "A" from July 1974. Operational cover — a mechanic for housing maintenance office. Perceived participation in almost all sovsekretnyh and special operations. Member of the Kabul operation during the storming of the palace Taj Beck lost his right arm, received the Order of the Red Banner personally from the hands of Yuri Andropov. After wounding held the post of party organizer of the "A" in the rank of deputy commander.

KGB special group "A" - a powerful anti-terror weapons

Colonel Vladimir Tarasenko, a member of the group "Alpha" KGB Spetsnaz. He took part in the Kabul operation of the 79th year. A few months after the coup was busy security pro-Soviet President Babrak Karmal. Later he was a member of the hostage rescue, who worked in the attacks in Budennovsk and Pervomay. Resigned as a member of the security forces of President Yeltsin.

KGB special group "A" - a powerful anti-terror weapons

Viktor Lutze — Major Special Forces in the KGB. From 1982 to 1992 he served in the "Alpha". Was trained in Afghanistan, then participated in the Saratov region, as well as in Sukhumi and Ufa-related transactions with the release of the hostages. In 1991 took part in the events that took place in Vilnius, and specifically in the storming of the television center of the town, during which the officer died catastrophically "Alpha". In 1992, together with a group of veterans because of the refusal to swear allegiance to Russian President Boris Yeltsin was fired ..

KGB special group "A" - a powerful anti-terror weapons

Alexander Mikhailov, a colonel in the KGB-FSB Special Forces, where he worked since 1973 in the "Alpha" worked from 1982 to 2005 yea
. Passed training in Afghanistan, where he took part in the winding up of the gang "pattern baldness" — commander Kudduz Calais. Took part in the operation of Sukhumi (merit — the Order of the Red Banner), as well as in the Saratov and Ufa special operations. He took part in the assault Budeonovsk clinic in the town, and in 2002 took an active role in the direction of counterterrorism operations in Dubrovka in Moscow.

KGB special group "A" - a powerful anti-terror weapons

Repin Alexander, in the past — a colonel in the KGB, where he worked from 1974 to 1998, he served as a detective in the number of Group "A" in 1978 under the operational cover — "Instructor of Physical Education Institute" Ray. " Took part in the Kabul operations in the storming of the presidential palace, where he received several at once languid shrapnel wounds.

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