Khamaida again fined for white-red-white flag

For the fourth time this month the Railway District Court judge fined Vladislav Shikarov Vitebsk opposition to 150,000 rubles. At this time — to write the dictation of the national white-red-white flag.

Boris Khamaida decided to celebrate Freedom Day spelling dictation near so-called "Blue House" — the house number 28 on Lenin Street, where it distributes the independent press. Mr. Khamayda prevented the police: they do not like white-chyvona-white flag, which raised the activist.

Boris Khamaida continued writing and dictation in the area — rewrote the "Letter from the gallows" Kalinouski from the book until it is drawn up.

District Court Judge Railway Vladislav Shikarov not only fined the opposition by 30 basic units. It ruled that the Khamajda was confiscated white-red-White Flag and all the accessories for his mount.

Since March 2, this is the fourth fine imposed by the judge Wladyslaw Shykarovym Boris Khamayda for white-red-white flags. The oppositionist was punished for what he occasionally goes to the center of Vitebsk's national symbol, spending sole action "2011 — year of the national flag ", dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the proclamation of the independence of Belarus.

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