Krasnodar villages flooded in minutes

Krasnodar villages flooded in minutes

Over a thousand people were held hostage severe flooding in the Krasnodar region and Adygea. In Absheron dropped support lines, damaged gas lines and destroyed the bridge.

Traffic there now stopped working team in place of road builders.

— Never been …

This woman's house is surrounded by water. Even leave the house without help, she can not. Farmland flooded — harvest was lost. Two pigs stream just blew. Early in the morning there was dry, but within minutes the river burst its banks Fars. Almost the whole village Dondukaevskaya was in the flood zone.

Previously, there was a road, now — raging river, cutting off part of the village from the outside world. There are six houses, get to where it is impossible. In the morning people hardly escaped from there.

From the powerful floods affected 14 villages in the Republic of Adygea and 6 — in the Krasnodar region. At night, in the foothills of the western Caucasus were good rains, mountain streams almost instantly became full-flowing. 125 people evacuated to emergency basis. Victims temporarily housed in district hospitals.

— How do I do next? I am alone, and everything is flooded.

Streams of water in some areas do not dry out so far, the threat of destruction of bridges: the trunks of trees, which is the current, can break even the concrete supports. Because of this message is interrupted by the federal highway Maikop Cherkessk.

The restoration work will take several days. In Adygea in 4 villages broken gas supply: from flood damaged pipeline. Possible regional disaster emergency department beforehand. Local officials say that this is what has helped to avoid tragedy on preliminary data, the human toll of the floods there.

The water level was much higher than in previous years. Such a strong flood still came as a surprise, especially for locals.

— Barely escaped …

Now the hospital where was warm clothes and a hot meal, many victims do not hurry — trying to save the rest of the property and animals. Where it is impossible to go wading, carrying things on the boat. Emergency services are trying to restore the destroyed infrastructure and preparing for a new shock element. Flooding in the next few days could be repeated.

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