Kuchma was charged with the murder of Gongadze

Society, "I was charged. I'll read it. On Monday, we meet again with the investigator," — he told reporters after being questioned at the main investigation department of the Prosecutor General.

Earlier, Kuchma said that prosecutors gave him confront the main accused in the murder of opposition journalist Georgiy Gongadze — a former senior Interior Ministry Oleksiy Pukach.

Prosecutor General's Office suspects Kuchma in the murder of Gongadze. Filed against him criminal case.

On 23 March, the Deputy Prosecutor General Renat Kuzmin said, "Kuchma is suspected of abuse of power, of giving illegal orders Interior Ministry officials, which led eventually to the murder of Georgy Gongadze."

Gangade decapitated body was found in 2000, when Kuchma was in power. So-called Mykola Melnichenko tapes, Kuchma's former bodyguard, who allegedly secretly recorded in Kuchma's office, suggest that the former president of Ukraine could be interested in the murder of Gongadze.

"I have five years said it is — a monstrous provocation against Ukraine and the Ukrainian president. I was standing in these positions, and will stand, "- said Kuchma on March 23, before the interrogation at the Prosecutor's Office in connection with the case against him.

Prosecutor General's Office on September 14 announced the completion of the investigation of the murder of Gongadze, which occurred in 2000. Executor named Alexei Pukach. In January, the court decided that Pukach killed Gongadze at will.

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