Large and fast / Top Trumps (6 episodes) watch online

Large and fast / Top Trumps (6 episodes) watch online
One can Do associate, civilian and military helicopters, SUVs for the rally and super cars "Formula 1", the big cruise liners and luxury private yacht? Not only one can, and the need to tell the creators of programs from "Big and fast."
Each issue of this flashy show — an interesting game in which is attended by senior Robert Llewellyn and Ashley Hames, along with millions of viewers. Around the world, they seek out their main assets — modern cars, ships, planes, helicopters, fire engines, surpassing competitors in or in any other class. In this indescribable fight without rules allowed any tricks: the speed can be defeated by a luxury and size — maneuverability. The winner is uncertain until the very end — bid.

1 — Steep aircraft

2 — Fire trucks

3 — Top Trumps — Warships

4 — Top Trumps — SUVs

5 — Top Trumps — Life-saving appliances

6 — Top Trumps — Super-ships

Auto and other technology

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