Large dump smoulders on the outskirts of Ivanovo

Municipal solid waste dump area of 3000 square meters on fire on Tuesday night on the outskirts of Ivanovo, in the elimination of the consequences of fire and continue on Wednesday, RIA Novosti Deputy Governor of the Ivanovo region Leonid Motorin.

According to the source, the fire was reported around 21.30 on Tuesday, at seven in the morning the fire is localized. Surrounding houses were not damaged by smoke (it is the street of Nekrasov and JBK), as the wind blows in the opposite direction.

"The whole night working on the localization of fire appliances MOE, housing and tenants landfill. Today during the day plan to eliminate the consequences. Now working at the site two bulldozers, excavators and six trucks, which fill the area of corruption," — said Motorin.

He explained that, based on location and time of ignition dumps her, probably on fire. At the dump a lot of broken glass and flammable materials that could catch fire in the afternoon in the sun when it is at its zenith. However, the fire started late at night and did not.

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