Launch of Capo Composite in Kazan (PHOTOS)

In Kazan on Saturday launched the plant for production of parts made from composite materials

UAC opens plant "CAPO-Composite". "CAPO-Composite" will supply parts made of composite materials, not only for domestic but also for foreign aircraft models.

 SUMMARY: The use of composite materials based on carbon fibers significantly improves aircraft aerodynamic characteristics and reduces the weight of the aircraft. The new aircraft MS-21 the share of composite materials will be 30-40%.


3. The units of the wing and tail aircraft SSJ-100, manufactured at the facilities of JSC "CAPO-Composite"

4. CAPO-Composite will produce the elements of the wing and tail surfaces: flaps, air brakes, spoilers, elevators for domestic aircraft Superjet-100 and MS-21. Mass production of parts for the SSJ-100 will begin in the winter of 2013, and in 2015, after technological processing and adjustment of production processes, and the MS-21.

5. During the opening of the plant UAC President Mikhail Pogosyan and president of FACC AG Stefan Walter signed a letter of intent under which the Austrian company will enter the capital of CJSC "CAPO-Composite" in 2014. The share of FACC in ZAO "CAPO-Composite" is 24%. Also in the future, the "Capo Composite" will begin production of parts for Boeing and Airbus.

6. "To create a new domestic and foreign aircraft will require more parts made by innovative technology of composite materials. The plant took place thanks to co-operation with the best domestic and foreign organizations ", — said the President of the United Aircraft Corporation Mikhail Pogosyan.

7. Pressing the symbolic key.

8. Press the approach.

9. During the construction of the plant KLA actively collaborated with a number of Russian and international companies, in particular, the All-Russian Institute of Aviation Materials, RUSNANO, from Cytec and Hexcel. By July, completed the bulk of construction work. Started producing batches of technology for aircraft.


11. CAPO-Composite became the first new plant opened in the framework of the KLA for the construction of centers of competence. The program provides for the opening of new industries, including the production of wings made of composite materials, doors and hatches in Ulyanovsk, Voronezh nacelles, aircraft design center in Moscow.

12. The new production has created 200 jobs by the end of the year of "Capo Composite" will draw on the work of about 150 employees. The volume of investment in new plant — more than 3.5 billion rubles. The largest shareholders are the United Aircraft Corporation and the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan.


Products planned for production: SSJ-100

  • wing mechanization (flaps, ailerons, spoilers, air brakes)
  • elevator and rudder,
  • other elements of the composite airframe


  • wing mechanization (flaps, ailerons, spoilers, air brakes)
  • elevator and rudder,
  • panel aft of the wing,
  • elements NCHK


The program FACCAG:

  • leading edge and klyra Boeing777 Boeing787,
  • elements of the tail Boeing787,
  • elements of the CM for the A380: the panels, fairings, rib flaps, fairings joints to the fuselage, wing tips, doors, hatches, air ducts, interior details.

15. The plot of autoclave forming. Today the equipment area consists of three German autoclave installation "Scholz", which on average per day can produce molding 60 products in 2-shift working day.

16. Running the equipment is scheduled for completion by early next year.

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