Launch of the new metallurgical complex Stan-5000

Two days ago I happened to see a short-term working visit city Viksa that in the Nizhny Novgorod region. The purpose of the visit was to VSW — VSW, owned by OMC. Noteworthy plant in Vyksa few facts: it was founded already in 1757 by brothers Ivan and Andrei Batashev, and today VSW — the largest Russian producer of not only thick-walled large diameter pipes, but also a new generation of railway wheels (service life is increased to 1, 7 times, from 6-7 to 11-12 years). The main event was the arrival Vyksunskogo ceremonial start of a new steel complex "Stan-5000". He — ISS-5000.

Construction of the ISS-5000 Vyksa began in January 2008, and in the autumn of this year, after the installation, electrical and commissioning of the mill first rolled sheet metal. Self-rolled sheet metal — an extremely costly exercise, United Metallurgical Company invested in this project 45 billion rubles of its own and foreign lending money. In 2013, when the complex will work at full capacity, it will be possible to talk about the approaching epoch of the "independence" of domestic pipe manufacturers on the supply of imported sheet metal. So far, about 1 million tons of such a sheet Russian producers are purchasing abroad. Plans for the replacement of similar foreign products, and even more quality domestic — already embodied in the metal.

Vyksa plant — a major employer for the able-bodied population. The entire infrastructure is tied to VSW. The city almost without exception busy metallurgical and related matters. At 60,000 residents alone railway stations have 8 pieces. It is clear that interest in Vyksa appropriate. For example, the site has its own "Shukhov Tower". Steel mesh fishnet structure (in particular — a workshop with the world's first parusoobraznymi steel mesh shell covering of double curvature) were actually built by Vladimir Grigoryevich Shukhov in the late XIX century. Promarhitektury personally inspect sites in mind the transience of the visit was not possible, but I hope it's not my last visit to the Vyksa.

VSW — not only the largest Russian pipe plant, but also one of the historical centers of Russian metallurgy. Right before the Corps of Engineers plant is a monument to the brothers Batashev. Batashevs — came from Tula gunsmiths, artisans, over time, have become powerful rudopromyshlennikami and breeders. As usual Intermedia caliber of people, on the one hand they are "applied favor," and the other "caused the good": the work on the formation of the industry in Russia, the base of the plants and the development of critical technologies of metal interspersed with some enchanting wonders and mysteries that were being discussed even today .

That fortress built some unseen, the secret underground mansions erected, that some public transports they disappear without a trace, followed by carts — and 300 workers. Gone are replaced and no. At all. It is also said that "on the surface of the earth stood the gallows, reared, scaffolds with executioner's blocks and wheels for evil killings, and in the depths of her darkest dungeons languished buried people alive. At the gallows and dyb for two or three days were starving and thirsty tied like dogs, humans, and in the winter clock kept barefoot and in their shirts. At the entrance to the workshop were on duty Batashevs Lancers, indulge in the most severe tortures of every artisan, late for work. " Overall — a mysterious topic, learn some history, "texture" here and now we will return to our days.

VSW — the largest Russian pipe factory. Capacity of the plant — about 3 million tons of pipes per year, including large diameter pipe — 2 million tons of pipes. Today, VMP has the most modern and high-tech pipe production in Russia. Main products — welded steel pipes with a diameter of 15 mm to 1420 mm. VSW — the only Russian manufacturer of thick-walled pipes for offshore pipelines. Pipes VSW produced with two-and three-layer anticorrosive polyethylene coating.

Before coming to the shop, all the visitors acquainted with the safety and equipped with elegant hats. Helmets are required to wear all. 've Seen in a helmet even arrived for the opening ceremony of the Orthodox priest. Helmets — not just a means of protecting the head, but the color differentiator. Workers walk in red, commanding staff — in white. Even more commanding — individually tuned, including a tricky airbrushing. The whole fashion! Were seen more and a few carriers of blue helmets, but their affiliation is unknown to me.

In the workshop, the ISS-5000 everything was ready for the beginning of the ceremonial start. Plant employees, guests, journalists and top brass took their places in front of a specially erected stage. The shop, in my opinion — cyclopean. And the event was of the same magnitude: from video broadcast, actors, spetsosvetitelyami in the towers and the huge amount of any related, not flashy little things that it is necessary to anticipate and control. the organizers of the event hat rented separately. High grade, clean work.

The event is indeed promised to be solemn. I believe that the presence of, for example, the President of the Russian Federation, it would be "according to the order." In connection with the commissioning of the ISS-5000, United Metallurgical Company received videopozdravlenie from orbit with the ISS from the members of the expedition ISS-30.

"We are glad to welcome you on board the International Space Station. We were surprised and pleased to learn that the other day in Russia was put into operation a new Steel Mill Complex — 5000, which is also called the ISS. Now we have the space and the ISS ISS Steel. Steelmakers and astronauts are now brothers. Congratulations to all the employees of OMC and the new venture with such a significant event. In fact, it is — your birthday. Congratulations!

We wish you and your supervisor outer health, build more steel ISS. Because the more you build factories in Russia, the stronger our country, the pace of joy and happiness of our people! Once again, congratulations!

On board the International Space station, the 30th expedition flight engineers Anton Shkaplerov and Anatoly Ivanishin. "

Next to the certificates and awards on a pedestal installed a thick tube made of a "test" of the metal sheet, previously rolled on the ISS-5000. These pipes are used in the construction of the most complex and large-scale main gas and petroleum pipelines, including in their underwater. I'm sure many have heard of Nord Stream and
"Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok". For unique projects require unique pipe.

The program includes: the official part, rewarding the best employees of the plant, a concert and a tour of the ISS-5000 for all comers. Wishing it was a lot, combining them into a group, a guide with the help of "radiogida" talked about the complex and its individual parts.

The first tube sheet of ISS-5000. Such pipes with wall thickness of 41 mm is maintained pressure of 220 atmospheres. In the world there are no more producers. able to provide this reliability.

At the scene were raised by representatives of numerous partnerships and related organizations, then moved to a part of the concert. While the "Earthlings" and Dima Malikov sang and danced — went to inspect the giant factory.

<IMG Src=«file:///W:/Выкса/PSD/edited/stamped/images/mks_5000_2011_zDSC_7895-2.jpg»>

In the construction of the ISS-5000 uses the most powerful in the world of crate with a force of compression kilonewtons 120,000 or 12,000 tons. In the world there are only two of the camp using a similar power reduction.

For these "commercials" and in a hurry for a new stage of processing red-hot steel plate.

The complex implemented a special two-part system spreyernogo and accelerated controlled cooling of metal in the stream. Steel, heated to a temperature of about 1000 degrees C in need of accurate quenching and cooling, or may change the properties of steel, which is unacceptable. The latest cooling system operates near-precision modes of thermomechanical processing, ensuring uniformity of purchased steel properties and providing the necessary metal microstructure across the length and width of the sheet.

Derived from this metal plate sheet widths up to 4.9 m can be not only pipe, but also part of the new vessel, an element object or nuclear power, for example, enter into the huge bridge supports.

Sightseers with a specially fenced plenty of sites could watch the work of the rolling mill.

Even at a decent distance felt searing heat which radiates plate first, and then a sheet of hot metal. Coupled with a fierce, but an even glow and hum some neat work — it turns very impressive.

Total: OMC company has established in its new complex of about 1,000 new jobs, started to use unique equipment and, in addition to removal from the project business profits, and attended to more development of domestic steel industry and import substitution. A main goal of the project — the complete elimination of Russian pipe companies based on the supply of imported sheet.

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