Launched a new department of JSC Kirov Tyre Plant

At JSC "Kirov Tyre Plant" opened a new shop rubber mixing. Towards the implementation of a new investment project commenced in December 2011. The project includes construction of a new rubber mixing plant, expansion of the area of the test laboratory with the installation of modern equipment, purchase and installation of a test bed for passenger tires, organization of a final inspection.

Rubber Mixing Workshop — the most significant part of investproektv. The rubber compound — the basic material of the tires and the quality of cooking depends on the successful execution of all subsequent operations.

The new workshop installed two lines corresponding to the requirements of safety and environmental protection. The design capacity of the production — from 60 to 120 tons of rubber per day. It is planned that the products will be sold both in Russia and in the EU.

How informed the CEO of Pirelli Tyre Russia Carlo Costa, the total investment for the project amounted to 99.8 million euros (3995.48 million), currently has invested more than 935 million rubles. Duration of the project as a whole — of 2011-2014. 

This will create 36 additional high-skilled jobs, then the number of employees is to increase to 50 people. Personnel who will be working on new lines, was an intern at the Pirelli factory in Germany.   

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