Launching a new line of Designer checkout zones in the GC Hephaestus

GC "Hephaestus", manufacturer and marketer of equipment for the trade, announces the launch of a new line of equipment for sale under the name "Designer checkout areas." Stand-checkout Designer is the perfect option for the checkout areas, easy to assemble and install. Perforation pitch of 100 mm, it is possible to set different batches for every need. Comes in white color and has two standard size (width and height of the frame 440 and 640 mm, 1850 mm). 
GC "Hephaestus" is working in the market of commercial equipment in St. Petersburg and Moscow for more than 20 years and offers the widest range of equipment for trade. The production is based on the use of modern scientific and technical solutions and materials, as well as advanced technology.
The equipment comes in various regions of Russia. Provides advice on the selection. Being manufactured to order.
The basis of commercial equipment "Hephaestus" is metal-mesh material that allows mounting a variety of goods ranging from toys and stockings and ending with construction tools. The principle allows the designer to modify metal shelving, adding or removing items. The metal is selected for the production of systems is not accidental, because it allows to withstand heavy-duty use while preserving the appearance and functionality. The company "Hephaestus" — an industrial plant with unlimited possibilities in metal processing and, therefore, making all types of commercial equipment.
"We offer the most effective solutions for various fields of trade. All our products meet European quality standards. Produced our trade counters are able to significantly increase the level of sales, as designed, taking into account all the wishes of sellers and buyers take into account the peculiarities of behavior, "- said the head of Viktor Karpovich.
Information about the company
GC "Hephaestus" is a leading manufacturer of advertising, exhibition and trade equipment. Deliveries are carried out on the territory of Russia. The company passed the certification of quality management system ISO 9001:2008. Today, the company is ready to offer European quality products and service, a choice of ready-made solutions, as well as the manufacture of products based on customer individual drawings or sketches. More about the company can be found at

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