Leopard sharks are killed tens due to internal bleeding


May 12. In April, dozens of leopard sharks were thrown dead on the beach in California. An autopsy revealed that at least one shark died of massive internal bleeding, such that blood seeped through the skin even sharks — purportedly Daily News.

An autopsy conducted by the Department of Fish and Wildlife, diagnosed "inflammation, bleeding and damage to the brain, and bleeding of the skin around the cloaca." According to the version published by Daily News, bleeding and other internal organs were found in the examined specimens female.

Results suggest that 50 sharks discarded dead in April, on the coast of Redwood City, California, died slowly and painfully.

City resident, Katherine Greer, said that he and his son tried to save a few sharks and bring them back into the water, but "they were sailing back and beat their heads against the shore … as if trying to commit suicide."

I have been to this place before, and saw apparently healthy leopard sharks swimming along the coast. You can see one of them on video.

But the question remains: What causes internal bleeding in sharks?

As long as it remains a mystery. Statement made by the City in Silicon Valley says: "… Pathologists can not draw any conclusions until more thorough studies conducted and received all test results."

Now the bacteriology and microscopic examination of tissues. As one of the possible reasons, experts do not rule out the possibility of emission of toxic chemicals by humans, although the large-scale emission in the region over the past few months have been reported.

Sean Van Someren, executive director of the Study of oceanic sharks in nearby Santa Cruz, said: "We see a particle of what is happening," knowing that this problem has affected a far greater number of sharks and other underwater creatures. He also added that the leopard sharks — it is a "tough" look. I wonder … if anything was out there in the water, making it strong with these sharks, then what can it do to us? Perhaps the reason is characteristic only of sharks, such as pathogens affecting only leopard sharks, but I would like to see proof.

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