Libyan political puzzle

The Western media widely discussed the political aspects of military operations in Libya: Libya's future, the strength and vulnerability of the Gaddafi regime, the reaction of Moscow and Beijing, unity and division in the coalition — of those publications.

Colonel Gaddafi coalition promises a long war, and he has to this daygi: although Western countries have frozen assets of Gaddafi clan at his disposal is about $ 200 billion, said the French Le Figaro.

"Gaddafi had foreseen the possibility of such an economic and financial blockade: with the Libyan Central Bank, he made sure to concentrate a large amount of gold in Libya. According to the IMF, the Central Bank is stored in a vault 143.8 tons of gold bullion," — says the publication.

This gold through airports on the border with Niger, Chad and Sudan could be exposed to the branches of Libyan banks in these countries, or exchange for weapons, the newspaper continues.

But before you start to sell your gold, Gaddafi is likely to put his hand into huge cash reserves accumulated over the years through the sale of black market thirds of Libyan oil, says director of the Center for the Arab world Hosni Abidi.

Italian La Repubblica writes that Rome is banking on diplomatic mediation and opposes the division of Libya.

"Currently, the Italian government is considering an end to the bombing, and immediately after that is going to convince Colonel pack their bags and, thanks to the agreement, which could allow him to avoid the International Tribunal, to go into exile. Precisely on this option works premieres for a week to reach for a "real" ceasefire enforced by UN observers will be watching, "- says the publication.

Gaddafi had foreseen the possibility of such an economic and financial blockade: with the Libyan Central Bank, he made sure to concentrate a large amount of gold in Libya

"At this point, Berlusconi did not exclude that person can visit Tripoli to discuss with Raisa" dignified departure from the scene, "and the beginning of what Foreign Minister Frattini calls a" national dialogue for reconciliation "after the Civil War.

"Premier is really shocked by what happened to his former friend:" With Gaddafi's head does not have to fly off even a hair. I feel hurt when I look at pictures of his house, which was zbambavany "- leading publication the words Berlusconi.

German Die Welt notes that the alliance is going through a deep rift in relation to the operation in Libya. NATO diplomats describe a "fight" in the Brussels headquarters of the alliance as something that "in the history of NATO comes first" — in a negative sense.

Prime really shocked by what happened to his former friend

Participation in a military operation Obama took the risk. Rapid success of acts calculated "for days, not weeks" could provide a decisive politician president, according to the newspaper. But if the Gadhafi regime will be on the defensive, after Afghanistan and Iraq, the U.S. will be drawn into a military conflict with a third Muslim country without a formal declaration of war.

"In order to avoid this danger, Washington is trying as quickly as possible to delegate coordination. However there is no unanimity within NATO for the adoption of manual operation. Thus, the United States found itself in a situation where the Libyan Air Force put out of action, but the following steps are uncertain of the coalition," — said in a article.

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi asked the alliance to transfer control of all military operations against Gaddafi NATO high command. If it does not, then Italy will reconsider its participation in the Libyan campaign.

China's response to the military campaign was the most powerful: sounded a warning that an attack could lead to a "humanitarian catastrophe

The New York Times draws attention to the protests against China's continuing military operations in Libya. He joined Russia and India, with their calls for an immediate cease-fire and suggested that the coalition forces threaten the civilian population, exceeding the UN mandate for the introduction bespoletnay zone.

"The reaction to China's military campaign was the most powerful: sounded a warning that an attack could lead to a" humanitarian catastrophe. "

During a meeting with U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Tuesday the head of the Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov also joined those calling for a ceasefire, saying that this is the best way to avoid civilian casualties.

"The Chinese press also protested against the military campaign in Libya, having published articles and commentaries that attack is described as an attempt to seize the oil resources of the country and expand U.S. influence in the region" — the author writes.

"Against Gaddafi coalition acts nezhadayuchyh" — so azagalovlivae its German publication Der Spiegel.

In the operation against Muammar Gaddafi made significant progress: the air defense system destroyed the Libyan dictator, and in the sky over the country and put a ban on flights provided by aviation. But it turned out that this is the easiest part of the journey. It is much more difficult question of who should lead this mission, and what the final purpose of the operation.

U.S. authorities did not want to get involved in another war in a Muslim state, want to pass the command of NATO operations. But the alliance is staggering.

Against the transfer operation under NATO control advocates France, which is associated with the skeptical attitude of the Arabs to the alliance. The Arab world believes in NATO exercise authority over the United States. Paris wants the political management of the mission in Libya, carried out a coalition of France, Britain and the United States. Turkey, a NATO member and considers himself a bridge to the Muslim world, opposes the NATO operation management.

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