Live theme. Fungal invasion (aired on 05/06/2013)

In 2002, a special robot found mushrooms in a ruptured reactor of the Chernobyl AES, they grow in the former epicenter of the explosion. Radiation in this place is killing all life within a radius of tens of kilometers, but not the mushrooms …

This is a true sensation, scientists have found Chernobyl mushrooms recycle hydrogen peroxide in antioxidants, substances that can slow the oxidation and rejuvenate the body. Scientists are certain mushrooms — the most ancient creatures on Earth, they are older than the dinosaurs and the mushrooms have survived all the disasters that have occurred on the Planet …

Biologists have speculated on what class to rank them, to plants or animals? Where did they come on really, and what is their secret mission on our planet? What is the secret of cosmic store mushrooms? What was achieved mushrooms for hundreds of thousands of years of evolution? They exist and develop according to its own laws incomprehensible science, and their structure is fundamentally different from all other terrestrial organisms.

Recent studies show mushrooms can be reasonable. The Greeks called them the "food of the gods", and the ancient Chinese philosophers of the "food of genius," the Egyptians called the "gods of death", and the ancient Slavs believed werewolves. Mushrooms can not be destroyed, and even nuclear war can not be a threat to them, they are not plants. Moreover, not only the creatures Feeding radiation, but it is purified from the soil and air.


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