Lukashenko called the dollar and the euro papers

"As you well know, it's only in Belarus Belarusian our smart, conscious or with the filing grab those dollar bills" — cites Alexander Lukashenko during the meeting, Interfax reports citing the press service of the head.

Addressing the participants of the meeting, Lukashenko has shared the conviction that "today there is a huge pumping dollars world economy, which could lead to a further collapse of the economy. We all know that. So people want to buy dollars, let them buy, that's their business."

On He said, This situation could happen in the eurozone, "These vkidvanni 100, at $ 200 billion of Greece, Portugal, Spain and so on — that come from? Germany out of pocket gives you? Goes Again pumping evrapaperak. If our people like it, then let buy. But the state should keep your eyes open. "

Meanwhile, acute monetary crisis in Belarus associated with the large-scale emission Belarusian rubles on the eve of the presidential election. In late May, the National Bank spent a record devaluation of the national currency, to lower its exchange rate by 56%. That dollar loan after Russia Belarusian government turned to the IMF. Finally, the government took the unprecedented measure: recently decided that prescribes "permission" Belarusian businessmen to pay taxes in foreign currency.

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