Lukashenko can not sing western songs

Alexander Lukashenko does not intend to engage in dialogue with the West and the West accuses politicians of obscenity. He said that European and American politicians — "neparadachnyya people": they say one thing and think another. "

He recalled that on the eve of the presidential election of Belarus visited ministers Foreign Affairs Germany and Poland: "We talked, led a peaceful conversation … But they came, and now I know why — it was necessary to I "vbayukats."

Moreover, According to Lukashenko, on the eve of the election came from the West, "fake" about having as whether 6,000,000,000, or 11 billion dollars of stolen money. "How can Belarus to steal 11 billion? — Surprised Lukashenko. — Recently the magazine "Forbes" magazine published a ranking of billionaires. Why I was not with my 11 billions? "

The Belarusian leader reassured eastern neighbors in vain, someone in Russia thought he was flirting with the West: "I understand that in the West, no one wants — I am their ideologically stranger, I can not sing their songs." Lukashenko stressed that no one can turn back to Russia Belarus.



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