Made 1st Russian conductor PCB layout

As you know, one of the distinguishing features of the ITER Project is its multinational and as a result, a broad distribution of responsibilities among all the participants. At the beginning of February 2013 Italian company CRYOTEC completed production of the first copper conductor layout for the poloidal field coils PF1 made on the basis of earlier Russian cable. These works are carried out by Chivasso under a bilateral agreement between the Agency ITER European Union and Russia.

Made of superconducting niobium-titanium strands (strands are made on Chepetz mechanical plant in Glazov, Udmurtia) cable was in Italy dzheketirovaniya stage, that is pulled into the steel shell, and compaction — mechanical crimping, for a better fit to the cable sheath. Thereafter, the layout has been wound in a single layer coil. Manufactured layout will be thoroughly tested, and then will be placed in the St. Petersburg Research Institute of Electro equipment (Federal State Unitary Enterprise "NIIEFA them. Efremov") for the production of biscuits layout coils PF1.

The completion of manufacturing of copper conductor layout was confirmed full commitment of all the participants of the production process to the beginning of serial production of conductors poloidal field magnet system of ITER.

Recall that the duties in the Russian part of the prododnikov include manufacturing and supply of two copper layouts, a layout of the superconducting 9 unit lengths for the poloidal field coils PF6 and 17 lengths for the coil PF1.

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