Man lived with aliens year in the Himalayas. Part 2.

Man lived with aliens year in the Himalayas. Part 1

Daily life on the base.

About Robert took care of "Biology", who explained to him in a pleasant form of what was expected of him: a regular donation of sperm. This operation is designed to fill in the life of the new planet, held every two days.

There was talk between the "Guide" and "ethnology" of civilization on this earth.

Of particular interest was our behavior and how we treat the planet.

They gave him a lot of advice to keep the physical and mental health. He received regular instruction in yoga.

Despite their policy of goodwill, non-interference and respect for the "free will", caution was taken in relation to the nuclear threat. In the event of a nuclear conflict, the intervention was possible.

Robert watched the atmosphere of peace and harmony based on. The inhabitants seemed to have mastered the perfect life in the present and in the future.

Everything was planned to the last detail.

Order and discipline seemed to be the motto. They said that the aliens came here for 20,000 years before our civilization.

They told him of the Universe, as well as interstellar communication.

Meeting of the Galactic Federation.

Once the "Biology", invited Robert to observe the meeting. He was ordered to remain perfectly calm and just watch.

In the room was a large oval table, and he looked with wonder, as one by one the guests of different races began to materialize around the table.

Creatures appearing in 3-D, had conversations with the guests on the sun and the motion of spacecraft between the planets.

"Guide" also gave Robert the time and space and the magnetic energy required to travel.
Guide said he was able to live four or five hundred years before replacing the body, and that death does not exist.

The only thing that is eternal — the evolution of the soul.

The body was a container.

During his stay in the Himalayas, Robert was invited on a trip to France on board the spacecraft.
Seven people were on board, "guide", "biology", "Ethnography", the captain and two pilots.


It was a typical fighter aircraft, 90 feet in diameter.

One day, Mirage III, a French military aircraft, appeared on the screen, the inner wall of the vessel.


The spacecraft was deflected and stood under and next to the French aircraft, and Robert could see the pilot in his cockpit, who turned his head and looked toward the ship.
Supersonic fighter developed by Dassault Aviation in the mid-1950s. Robert could also see the pilot and instrument panel on the screen and see the registration number on the jet engine: FB.


Instrument panel of the plane Mirage III

More recent research, since 2005, confirmed the Mirage III in a particular military base in Dijon.

Wanted to keep the name of the pilot for possible evidence, but it was not found.

October 2005, a revelation at the European Conference on UFOs

At first European UFO conference in Chalons (Chalonsen), Champagne (France) in October 2005, Robert told his story. "Guide" had told him to keep it a secret for 40 years.

Robert believes that he has a foreign implant in the back.

During the conference, another contactee with paranormal abilities examined him and found that something is moving under the skin of Robert. Implant radiated electric charge in the hands of "therapist" at the time of the camera flash, followed by an intense vibration in the back.

Robert does not want the implant removed.


"Once we have made enough progress to go to the moon, Mars and beyond, we have to go with an open mind, with no desire to win. Guide told me that we would be monitored. If aggressive idea of "grow" in the minds of the astronauts, they will not be able to carry out his plan.
You have to come into the world with sincerity, honesty and humility. If not, then we will stop you. "

All the talk that we had at the base, back to me. We have a long road ahead before we can get rid of slavery, big or small. Of course, we should not reject everything we need to keep what sounds good to us. We do not want to change too quickly our way of thinking, which is often selfish and self-centered. "

UFO research is a good thing. General mentality and views on this issue are changing rapidly.
Mysteries and secrets begin to open gradually. It is better to go slow and far away. "When most of the world is ready, there is a possibility of a meeting" — said "Guide".

Colin Andrews — one of the most prominent researchers "crop circles" and UFOs. Deal with these problems in 1984.

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