Mankind is condemned to ease end of the world

Oracle in December 2012 comes complete silence and darkness

Terrible hurricane in the U.S. again forced to think about the approaching end of forecasters promised light. They say it's time to include a countdown of the remaining life of mankind. Before the end of the world is left for 54 days, 53 … 52 … And now we will have "round" date: exactly 50 days before the "break" of earthly existence, predvozveschennogo supposedly ancient Mayan calendar, and they set for December 21, 2012 On the eve of the "jubilee" appeared the next interpretation of what awaits us in this a landmark day of December. The well-known Tibetan Lama, earthlings have to survive "only" short-term "universal discomfort", which will last two weeks, — the "Moskovsky Komsomolets".

Some fifteen days uncomfortable — and then begin to live! It is these perspectives drawn in his speech addressed to the U.S. space agency lama monastery near Kailash, known as the Oracle of Shambhala. In his opinion, the end of the world, which "starts" on December 21, is not infinite, and quite time-limited process.

According to Oracle, it is coming at the end of December the Solar system planets lined up on one side of the star. This is a rare astronomical event, according to Oracle's warning, should lead to the fact that our Earth "will pass through the galactic" zero band ".

"This is a special state space where the blanked and not be subject to any energy — says Lama. — There was complete darkness and silence. The electricity and communications. The darkness will be accompanied by flashes of light, as well as the play of light and shadow … Ground will shake slightly — like a small earthquake. Some buildings can be destroyed … "

However, he described the phenomenon will last "at full capacity" only about two weeks, and then gradually come to naught. So that homo sapiens have a chance to safely get out of the universal trouble. It is only necessary to get ready for the coming events and to behave, when the planet will fly through this same "zero band". Lama gives very specific recommendations. The day before, on December 20, to leave the cities to the countryside, making it a pre-needed supplies of food, water, firewood, which would be enough for two months (that is how much time will it take to restore the normal functioning of the energy networks). Be sure to get the usual "old-world" stove for cooking and heating in the absence of electricity and mains gas. With the advent of "X hours" if possible go nowhere, because in the ensuing universal darkness one can easily get lost …

Although, on the assumptions of the Oracle Shambhala "doomsday" will last only two weeks, the manifestations of these events, gradually fading, will last much longer — up to the beginning of February. A final overcoming of the "zero band" must occur about February 7, 2013 on the Earth will begin a gradual recovery of the previous achievements of civilization, and to the end of March, our world will recover completely.

Well, on the one hand, it is terrible, and the other … So, a sort of administrative detention for 15 days, which this time sentenced people around the world. In addition, specific evidence "weight" oracle made in his letter does not, and therefore it is not clear why suddenly "Earth will be a little shake," and why "comes complete darkness."

As commented on in the Institute of Astronomy, no reason to talk about the end of the world, even temporarily, the inhabitants of the Earth, especially if Oracle refers to a parade of planets, which could lead to this Apocalypse. The fact that neither this December or in January 2013th the planet is not going to line up in one long row. The closest date on which something like "" plan, is June 1, 2013. On this day, in line lined up Mars, Venus and Jupiter. The second "building", "scheduled" at the end of August 2014 — the Moon-Mars-Saturn. Finally, in October 2014, according to professional astronomers, parade before earthlings rearrange Venus, Mars and Jupiter. Even when you consider that Oracle had in mind "rank" of the two planets, sensations also occur, as in a number of any two planets line up every day. As for the impact on the Earth, even the very rare parade of planets, which happens once in 400 years, according to scientists, it has no effect on the Earth — it's just a curious spectacle for the fans and nothing more.

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