Many countries interested in buying the JF-17 FIGHTER THUNDER

Many countries interested in buying the JF-17 FIGHTER THUNDER
Many countries interested in buying fighter joint Sino-Pakistani development, said a senior officer of the Pakistan Air Force.
«We are getting inquiries and expressions intrigued to JF-17 Thunder from many states Near East, Africa and even South America,» said Thursday edition of China Daily Air Marshal Sohail Gul Khan (Sohail Gul Khan), Managing Pakistan Aeronautical Complex.
JF-17 Thunder — or recognized in China as the FC-1 Fierce Dragon — multipurpose combat aircraft of the third generation, developed jointly by China Aviation Industry Corp. and Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC), a leading aviation company in Pakistan responsible for the creation and support of Air Force aircraft techno Pakistan.
Some of the queries were «very serious,» he said.
«During visits to many countries almost everyone I met asked me about the plane, and many countries have expressed their own desire to join the project,» said Khan.
Air Vice-Marshal Ahmed Jawaid (Javaid Ahmed), Chief Project Director JF-17, echoed this view.
«JF-17 is one of our most best fighter, though comparable to how modern aircraft in the Pakistan Air Force.»
Khan said the JF-17 project is a pleasant example of positive cooperation between Pakistani and Chinese aviation industry, and that the merits of Pakistan Aeronautical Complex in the last 40 years, explained cooperation with the Chinese aviation industry.
PAC has already made more than 40 aircraft JF-17, he said, adding that the cooperative project of China and Pakistan on the aircraft still continues, with emphasis on modernization of armament and avionics.
In addition, Khan said that Pakistan Air Force also get accustomed to other Chinese military aircraft and can take a role in the development of other aircraft in the future.

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