Medvedev: «The president knows about the existence of aliens.» Vladimir Putins second opinion

Prime Minister sensational statement was made on the air after his interview with federal television channels December 7, 2012

Pilgrims on the earth is controlled SPECIAL SERVICES

Distinguished Russian channel REN-TV and journalist Marianne

Maximovskaya. After the interview, which Dmitry Medvedev gave federal channels December 7, 2012, answering questions from presenters, she went to the premiere and started a separate topic.

Dmitry Medvedev spoke about aliens Marianne Maksimovskaya
Photo: Ren-TV

Marianne Maximovskaya (joyful smile on his face):

There is a view that as soon as he became president, he carried a folder marked "Top Secret" and that's out there — all the mysteries of the world!
(Medvedev chuckles). And that you know everything (Nods, smiling.) Well, here, for example, flew it to Earth by aliens? The very green men?

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev (straight face):

Clear. So, I tell you the first and last time. Along with the transfer of a suitcase nuclear codes to President brings a special folder. It says "Top Secret." And it is entirely devoted to the strangers who visited our planet. (Marianne happily smiling).
At the same time make the report — is closed — security services are engaged in the control of aliens in our country. Hence, these two folders are transmitted together with the nuclear suitcase. After the termination of these folders accordingly transferred to the new president.

For more information on this subject you can have a look at the famous newsreel and documentary film "Men in Black", a few versions later. (Marianne smiles again. Medvedev is serious).


— How many of them among us?

Dmitry Medvedev:

— How many of them among us will not tell, because it might cause a panic.


In May 2005, "Komsomolskaya Pravda" celebrated his birthday — 80 years.

To the Editor of a President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Newspaper journalists asked him questions. And also — 7 years ago — was a question about aliens. Naturally, after serious discussion, which has been before.

Nicholas Varsegov — our "The Enchanted Wanderer":

Vladimir Vladimirovich, you do not live in Africa, so you know that in recent years, the country becomes an inveterate drunkard degraded. What to do something with this?

Vladimir Putin (sighing):

There are many problems associated with low-quality alcohol. I just discussed this issue with Alexander Zhukov, he reported to me the government's approach on this issue. All compared to the Soviet period of alcohol we really produce more, and it became cheaper. We must find a solution to this problem.

Vladimir Putin in "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in May 2005. I — I sit at the end — in zelennenkoy shirt, asking about aliens
Photo: Anatoly Zhdanov

Vladimir Lagowski, editor of the science of "Komsomolskaya Pravda":

— Vladimir Vladimirovich, my question is more serious than about vodka. I want to ask about aliens (Maximovskaya in 2012, was not original.)

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia:

— You just do not say this to those who are interested in vodka.

Vladimir Lagowski:

Yes there is some connection. And yet, since our country has a president, there was a legend that every newly elected head of the country to devote some terrible secret. It is that aliens visited Earth. The Americans their presidents lead in some supposedly "green room", which stores the frozen bodies of aliens. Watch to make sure that we are not alone in the universe. You devote to this?

Vladimir Putin:

— Hmm, say, a room — green? I see … Consider that I do not drink alcoholic beverages. When I was in the States, the President of the United States have in any "green room" did not. They say that he gave up long ago … I assure you that I am in any such secrets are not dedicated. All because of the UFO — a topic at the government level, at the level of the president does not exist.

Vladimir Vladimirovich assured that UFOs were not discussed. On the left in the photo Vladimir Sungorkin, editor of "Komsomolskaya Pravda".
Photo: Anatoly Zhdanov
Word about that topic on the presidential level UFOs do not exist, Vladimir Putin said in all seriousness
Photo: Anatoly Zhdanov

In every joke there is a joke?

Now online, and print media — especially Western — are wondering: where is the truth? Medvedev was just joking? Or disguised as jokes reveal the "mystery of the century"? Allegorically said that aliens exist? Or the truth is that about aliens do not speak in the upper echelons of power? Then where Dmitry Anatolyevich learned information for his story told on TV? And why he did rasskaazal? Or 7 years, something has changed? UFOlogists are worried.

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