Megavzryva from the sun will be all bad

In the coming days, the Earth can expect strong magnetic storms. The reason — a huge release of solar energy. Despite the fact that this happened a week ago, on May 10, made the echoes of our planet's only this week.

Exclusive footage huge comet collision with the Sun announced the U.S. space agency NASA. In a video made Heliospheric Observatory NASA (SOHO), one can see how the high speed blazing comet collided with the surface of the star. Immediately after that, there was a huge explosion and release of solar energy, reports Fox News.

In this release was the result not of a comet impact, but only coincided in time with him, explained to NASA. The comet is near, instantly evaporate in the sun.

The main attack was directed not release to the Earth, but scientists have warned that the sun is still in an unstable state, and because at any moment can happen another flash, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". In addition, dangerously close to the Sun, scientists have recorded several more comets.

According to scientists, the comet-suicide — one of the particles of one large comet that destroyed centuries ago. Such objects that threaten the Sun, called original solar comets Creutz. They were first discovered during the total solar eclipse in 1882. To date, they have been more than a thousand.

Last year, Sun has been exposed to a great hailstones, which began Dec. 13 and ended on the 22nd. During this time, the star hit 25 comets.

Recall the last time there was a strong magnetic storm on April 7. A past that occurred in February — March, were the strongest in recent years. Some even linked the solar flare with the devastating earthquake that occurred on March 11 in Japan.

Solar storms are characterized by flares, which are accompanied by a sharp burst of electromagnetic radiation. Reaching the Earth, it ionizes the outer layers of the atmosphere. After reaching orbit, these particles bombard the sensitive electronics, communications satellites, and often derive these devices fail.

Doctors recommend in these days to take aspirin or eat meat. However, some scientists believe that magnetic storms do not affect the human body.

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