Mexico Mayan prophecy scholar denied

Mexican scientist denied prediction about the end of the Mayan World in December 2012

The ancient Mayans did not predict doomsday at the end of December 2012, but instead believed that "the world will exist for thousands of years." This statement was made on Tuesday at a scientific conference at the National Archaeological Museum of Mexican expert on heritage and traditions of the ancient people of Eric Velasquez.

Versions of the likely end of the World, which allegedly foresaw the Maya arose after deciphering hieroglyphics found in the archaeological zone "Tortuguero", located in the state of Tabasco in southeast Mexico, said Velasquez. According to him, there is really talking about the end of the next cycle, the calendar of the ancient people, but by no means a "global collapse."

The scientist said that only one of the many Maya texts, discovered by archaeologists, contains a reference to December 2012. According to Velasquez, in other inscriptions, inherited from the ancient people, there are dates that are "related to a much more distant future."

"Maya did warnings of a possible collision with Earth asteroids or the beginning of nuclear war on the planet" — said Velasquez.

In May of this year, a group of American scientists has also denied the doomsday theory, deciphering the most ancient astronomical calendar of the Maya, dated IX century of our faith.

The Mayan calendar — one of the most mysterious legacies of this ancient civilization. Scientists still do not fully figured out the story of his appearance, which is the reason for the emergence of different versions, including about the upcoming end of the world.

MEXICO CITY, June 6. / Correspondent. Itar-Tass Novozhylov /.


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