Michel Raineri: this is not an internal affair of Libya

March 24, Ambassador of France to Belarus Michel Raineri at a working meeting of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry to present his country's position on the Libyan issue.

This was on the eve of the French diplomat told reporters, BelaPAN.

"If the president is killing its people, it is impossible to say, this internal matter Libya, bearing in mind the principle of non-intervention. It is a matter of conscience. The right to kill innocent civilians no one "- said Raineri.

By Raineri, France, of course, that we have the view that the operation "Adyseya. Dawn "supposedly goes beyond UN Security Council resolution number 1973, but he, as a diplomat, does not doubt the competence of the employees of the French Foreign Ministry.

"Criticizing — easy to operate — it's hard. We hear criticism from those who did not offer anything. When someone has a better solution than we have proposed, France will listen to them. And those who did not offer anything, not allowed criticize, "- he said.

He denied allegations that the purpose of the coalition is to eliminate Gaddafi.

"Our goal — to provide security for the civilian population. Elimination of heads of state — is not French techniques," — said Raineri.

According to the diplomat, "the dictator can not be trusted."

March 20 Belarusian Foreign Ministry called on the Western coalition in Libya to cease "hostilities that lead to loss of life." "The settlement of the conflict is an internal affair of Libya and must provided by the Libyan people without military interference from the outside. Air strikes on Libyan territory beyond the UN Security Council resolution number 1973 and in conflict with its main goal — to ensure the safety of the civilian population ", — said the Foreign Ministry of Belarus on March 20.

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