Misadventures aboard UFOs

Great help in the work of ufologists are hypnotic sessions. They help scientists get to the farthest corners of the brain of the kidnapped people, learning sometimes unbelievable things.

…Summer morning in 1986, in the Brazilian city police station Kolantino entered middle-aged man in dirty clothes, named Onilsom Pater, a representative of the company that sells books in the city of Sao Paulo, and said that was the victim of an alien.

As it turned out, six days ago Patero returning home in his car from a business trip. Near the engine suddenly stalled Guantaroya and Patero straight ahead he saw a low-flying machine.

First, he quietly watched him, but when out of the machine down to the ground a large cylinder, scared and jumped out of the car and ran. Having barely overcome a few meters, it felt as if something is holding him, pulling back as if on a rubber belt. Patero experienced strong nervous shock and lost consciousness. And woke up in just six days, 900 km from the place where he met with the UFO.

In this case the police to explain the sudden clouding of the mind and a man was taken to the hospital. Here are just a doctor examined him found no pathology in the patient's mind.

Arrived the next day at Kolantino Patero wife once said that her husband has changed hair color: from light brown they were black. On the same day Patero felt itchy skin, strengthens day by day, and the hair began to get the old color. Then on the body there were red and blue spots, like the marks of bruises, which, gradually fading, eventually disappeared.

From Sao Paulo to Kolantino arrived Professor M. Berezovsky, dealing with the research of UFOs, and the Brazilian Air Force officers. As a result of conversations with Berezovsky Patero remembered the trip picked up a man who got out just before the UFO. This blond, tall, blue-eyed man asked the driver all the way about his family, profession and place of residence.

Professor Patero offered to spend with him deep hypnosis session.
The experiment turned out: companion, who identified himself as Alex, was alien.

Later Professor of Rio de Janeiro Silvio Lago spent with Patero several more sessions. Being in a state of deep hypnotic sleep, he remembered all that tried to erase from his memory the aliens.
After an unsuccessful attempt to escape from the UFO was Patero the ladder "plates." In an instant the ladder raised it in the machine, and found himself in the Oval kidnapped room. There he was waiting for "Alex."

The stranger stepped forward Pater and promising that it will not cause harm, held in a room, enveloped in different wires. Through a window in another room Patero considered scurrying humanoid figure with caps on their heads. The creatures moved in special chairs.

"Alex" earthling asked to change his costume for some robes and a helmet with a device to monitor. After some time in the wall opened the hatch, and through the opening Patero saw the valley and some city. Then "Alex" drew his attention to the rising of the ground cloud that took the form of eggs and go straight to them. "Alex" Patero asked to lie in a depression in the floor.
Further memories stolen carry it into the third room, where he was held without the 'Alexa'. In the right corner, he saw three beings with caps on their heads, one was sitting at the big screen, while the other two watched Patero. Suddenly, out of the wall there were four other newcomers. They walked slowly across the room to the opposite wall mysteriously disappeared. Patero thought that one of them had seen it somewhere, and then realized with horror: this stranger — he!

The last thing he remembers the priest, as the ladder is pulled out of its UFO on a high grassy hill. Downstairs Patero heard the noise of cars, and in the distance I saw a big city. This was Kolantino city, located 900 km from the place of his meeting with the aliens …

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