Modern air defense systems S-400 (Part 1)

S-400 "Triumph" (to systematize NATO SA-21 Growler (Rus Growler) — air defense system of the latest generation, came to replace the widely known air defense systems S-300P and S-200. In the coming years should be the basis of defense of, 2020 the troops should be placed 56 divisions. complex is designed to engage all types of targets (aircraft, drones, cruise missiles, etc.) at a distance of 400 km., and at an altitude of 30 km. According to professionals, the complex has more than a two-fold advantage over the systems of the past generation. S-400 "Triumph" — the world's only system that can work with the selective introduction of more than 4 types of rockets, different weight and different home-range launch, which provides a layered defense.

The complex has the highest automation of all the steps of the battle, which will significantly reduce staff. The principle of the organization and an extensive system of communication, allow the integration of the C-400 at different levels of government is not only the Air Force, and other types of aircraft.

The complex was adopted April 28, 2007. 1st Division, armed with S-400, has been put on combat duty April 5, 2007. At the current time is in service with 4 divisions. Prior to 2015, the troops should be sent to more than 20 battalions of S-400 "Triumph". It is planned that this system will be used to ensure the safety of the Olympic Winter Games to be held in Sochi in 2014. The system has a significant export potential and attracts attention to for many countries, including China and the UAE. The implication is that the supply of export will begin only when absolutely state defense order will be executed.

Modern air defense systems S-400 (Part 1)
Item command and control 55K6E


S-400 is designed for a wide range of destruction is not only modern, and promising means of air attack, among which:

— aircraft of strategic and tactical aircraft
— spy planes
— aircraft radar surveillance and guidance systems
— Aircraft — jammers
— medium range ballistic missiles
— operational-tactical and tactical ballistic missiles
— hypersonic targets

AAMS "Triumph" provides defeat aerodynamic targets at a distance of 400 km at an altitude of targets up to 30 km. The highest rate of the targeted objectives — to 4800 m / s.

Used in the complex missile own fragmentation warhead with a controlled field of defeat, which guarantees to prevent the possibility of the fall of military offensive missiles in the area of the protected object. Absolutely such a possibility can be excluded only in the destruction of battle Load goal by intercepting its anti-aircraft missile. In turn this effect can be achieved as a result of direct contact rocket goal, and the combination of small slip and effective impact on the target warhead fragments of anti-aircraft missiles.

The complex

The composition of the S-400 is based on the well-proven family structure AAMS C-300. With all of this improved design principles and the use of modern electronic components can provide more than double an advantage over its predecessor.

Modern air defense systems S-400 (Part 1)
Functional control radar 92N2E

A basic version of the S-400 "Triumph" is composed of:

— anti-aircraft missile systems
— functional radar
— stand-alone detection and targeting systems
— command post
— complex logistics systems
— technical operation of the means of anti-aircraft missiles

All elements of the system are based on a wheeled chassis inflated patency and admit the possibility of railway transport, air transport or aqua. The command post of the complex has a radar, which makes radar field acts within the system and it produces detection, en-route support, the definition of state ownership of all types of targets are estimated to amount to 300 units. Radar detection equip a phased array with two-dimensional scanning, operates on a radial angle, three-axis, and is protected from interference. With the active jamming by the enemy operates in constant frequency tuning.

Using the data acquired by radar detection command center produces rassredotachivanie goals between the complexes of the system, giving them the proper targeting, SAM acts as tying in the criteria for the mass introduction of air attack at all levels reachable heights with the active use of jammers. The command post of the AAMS is able to obtain additional information on the piste goals from higher command Fri, in the interests of employing ground radar duty and combat modes or directly from the radar itself, also from airborne radar aircraft systems. Inclusive disk imaging radar receiving from different sources in different spectra of the waves is more excellent in the criteria of strong jamming by the enemy. KP S-400 is capable of operating at once with a full 8 SAM launchers of up to 12 in each complex.

Modern air defense systems S-400 (Part 1)

On one launcher can be set to 4 missiles 40N6E very long distances (up to 400 km.) That are designed to defeat DLRO aircraft, electronic warfare aircraft, air KP enemy strategic bombers and ballistic missiles with speeds up to 4800 m / s. This missile can destroy targets beyond LOS ground radar guidance. The need to defeat the purposes of horizon has led to the installation on the new homing missile (GOS), made by NPO "Almaz". This works in a semi-active homing and active modes. In active mode, the rocket after dialing the desired height is translated in the search mode, and finding purpose is induced on it without the help of others.

Action missiles

Unlike zabugornyh own peers, in-400 air defense missile systems used so called "cold" start missiles. Before starting the propulsion engine rocket ejected from the starting container to a height greater than 30 m during this lifting height rocket thanks gasdynamic system is tilted towards the target. Once the engine is started marching on the source and the average flight segments radio correction applied inertial guidance (it can achieve the greatest resistance to interference), and specifically to the phase intercept targets used active radar homing. If there is a need for a busy maneuvering to defeat the purpose of the missile in a position to go into the "super-maneuverability." To enter the used gas-dynamic control system, which allows for 0,025 s. increment aero overload rocket more than 20 units. The use of such "super-maneuverability", coupled with excessive precision guidance do better the conditions of the meeting for the purpose of anti-aircraft missiles, which increases its efficiency.

Used in the S-400 missiles are equipped with a 24-kg fragmentation warhead, which has driven the field of defeat. Similar equipment rockets to defeat targets with a "freeze" the action
(the destruction of the structure) the interception or defeat the purposes of manned combat unit in case of interception of unmanned purposes. The warhead missiles controlled by a radio controlled fuses, which are able to use to adapt to the meeting with a view of all available information on board the rocket.

Modern air defense systems S-400 (Part 1)
Missile complex

Radio controlled fuses computes the explosion of a missile in strict accordance with the expansion velocity of the fragments, in order to cover the field more fragmentation vulnerabilities goals, and the direction in which you need to provide a shrapnel cluster. The directional emission of fragments is implemented using controlled high-explosive fragmentation warhead, which has a multipoint initiation system. This system is for the team to relieve radiovzyrvatelya warhead in a controlled manner (when available disk imaging of phase slip) causes a disruption in charge of suitable peripheral points of detonation. In the end, what is a redistribution of the explosion and the formation of clouds of shrapnel in the desired direction. If the information about the phase slip is missing, is undermining the central part of the battle with symmetric dispersal of fragments.

The main properties

Now S-400 "Triumph" has an advantage of more than two-fold over its predecessors. The command post of the anti-missile system is able to integrate it into the management structure at least some defense. Each SAM system is capable of providing up to 10 aerial bombardment of targets with the guidance of their 20 missiles. An estimated foreign experts, is unparalleled anywhere in the world.

S-400 provides the ability to build defense in depth from the surface facilities massive air attack. The system provides defeat the purposes of soaring at speeds up to 4800 m / s at a distance of 400 km. at an altitude of 30 km purposes. With all of this small firing range complex is only 2 km., And the low height of the targeted objectives only 5 meters, for example, the South American Patriot systems are not capable of destroying targets, hovering below 60 m time of the full deployment of the stowed state to alert 5-10 minutes.

The system features the automation of all processes of the battle — the detection of targets, their en-route support, rassredotachivanie goals between SAM, acquisition of targets, select the type of missiles and launch preparation, evaluation of fire.

Essential new features of the system are:

— information interfacing with most existing and emerging sources only disk imaging of land, air or gallakticheskogo deployment;
— the use of host-modular approach, which allows you to meet specific requirements that apply to the system when it is used in the Air Force, Army or Navy;
— the ability to integrate into existing management systems and promising defense groups not only the Air Force, and the army air defense or air defense forces of the Navy.

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