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Time is changing rapidly. The saying "cadres decide everything" is universal for all time. Cadres decide everything really. And at the moment we are looking a situation where today's "cadres" who sit in ministerial chairs hopelessly behind the rapid course of events. And even this are keen to slow down the course of events.

Modern footage again decide everything

Now the world is changing rapidly. The contradictions that existed in him always, quickly run across to the next level. And it is explosively. The current hegemon — the United States all their economy has always been building a very specific method. Americans all the way somebody robbed. At first robbed the Redskins, later began to plunder the French in Canada and neighboring Mexico. Next it was the turn of Latin America, which in the United States called their underbelly and felt completely legitimate prey.

New Era has not brought anything new. Having a chance after the collapse of the Russian Union to abandon its own carnivorous nature and move to an equal partnership with Russia and other countries, the United States opted for a continuation of plunder. A increased from $ 2 trillion to $ 16 trillion over 10 years, U.S. municipal debt tells us that the size of Washington's appetite has not diminished, but instead only increased. And the ticking counter the huge national debt, more similar to the ticking bomb, forcing the United States to act without delay solving their own problems in the long box. Now the order of the day or American politics is once again the age-old question — who would rob to support their own internal rate of use. The options are not so many. And our homeland, with a large territory and a mass of natural resources, are a delicious piece. For now we have two options: either as did the Indians, we continue to try to "embedded" in the Western world, at the risk of repeating their fate. Or we build your own project. Something to hide: the idea of integration into a comfortable western world has been very popular in our country in the late 80's and early 90's. All wanted to go in there "as autonomy." Who is the inability of the vast majority of people yavna Russia. To enter into Europe, we need not be themselves, and besides, really, just that way in 10 to reduce our numbers. And we realized how, simply put, we were divorced for "universal values." To plunder well.

Now the broad masses of the population spilled awareness of the impossibility to enter the Western world, and the need to build your own project. That's why in the last election the party and the person speaking about European integration and the adoption of other people's values, so do not gain enough votes. Sharply aggravated the situation around the Law of Dima Yakovlev is a litmus test of the current public mood. Emotional reaction imperative circles of Russia and ordinary people with challenging behavior United States, is justified not so much indignation at the sample point to the people of Washington RF, that is fine and what is bad, and is the product of a long accumulation of irritation on the policy and steps overseas power. People of our country is no longer willing to tolerate such an appeal. Especially since the people of the Russian peace inherent sense of justice seriously hurt the behavior of the West in Libya and Syria.

New challenges, new girl situation inside and outside the country call for new solutions. The situation is changing so rapidly that many of her not keeping up. We were surprised to litsezreem that the staff of the current government, to put it mildly, does not think the prevailing situation. Or unwilling to recognize. In any case, it seems unusual position of a number of government ministers who opposed the adoption of the Law of Dima Yakovlev. Immediately clarify that the ban on adoptions by U.S. citizens kids — this is only one article of the law of 7. Other articles of the law in question is essentially the introduction of U.S. sanctions against Russia. This prohibition on arrival in Russia to those who violate the rights of its people and the arrest of the Russian Federation on the territory of cash and other assets of U.S. men. Suspended activities in the area RF entities belonging to the list of persons involved in Dima Yakovlev, will not have their ability to sit on the boards of directors or other governing bodies of organizations registered on the territory of our country. And that's not all. Citizens of the United States is unrealistic to control NGOs, and receive funds from the U.S. nonprofit organizations must be closed. The law of Dima Yakovlev hit the interests of the internal "opposition" in Russia, accustomed to the South American funds to "fight for freedom." Specifically, it provoked an angry criticism of pro-American politicians and the Fifth Column, which helpfully provided his audience Russian media.

And against this background very dolled build consensus government. Just do not unanimity in promoting the interests of, and in trying to keep the project embedded in the West. After all, in this particular case, it is impossible to quarrel with Washington in any form. Dima Yakovlev's against the law made by the Minister Anton Siluanov money, minister Communications with the Open Government Misha Abizov, minister Education Dmitry Livanov, Deputy Prime Minister for Social Affairs Olga Golodets. Criticized the law and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, but it is the only one who can understand. Though the diplomats — this is a very special profession, where language is a means of concealing thoughts. The Ministry of Justice has criticized the law. Unofficially, the adoption of the law, allegedly criticized Arkady Dvorkovich and Igor Shuvalov, but their representatives have not confirmed this information. But you have not denied …

And that is significant — all the ministers who criticized the law Dima Yakovlev do it willingly and glibly. Give interviews, write memos and even organize a time to leakage of these notes in the "independent" press. The end result of all this verbiage ministers formed impression that the main result of a significant part of its activities the government did not consider the interests of the Russian Federation and the United States. And surely gets in the way befitting every difficult situation. Of course, before it was clear the degree of "contamination" of the government liberals, but the recent actions evoke a very sad thought. With such a composition of the cabinet, neither of which the sovereign policy we can not go. Immediately comes to the mind of a scene from the movie "Gentlemen of Fortune" when the thieves are trained to read the human language. Remember: "This poor man will throw us at the first danger"?

"What is a priest and the parish" — says an old Russian proverb. The validity of its features prominently in the now, when you analyze and compare the composition of an old and now the current government. Were the government of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in the Liberals? Certainly were, Fursenko, Golikov, Kudrin and others. There were conservatives. But the thing that was the figure of the then Prime Minister Putin, who has possession of indisputable authority directed the activities of the most inveterate liberals in a constructive direction. Now this is not, and therefore we litsezreem direct opposition to the current government initiatives presidential aspirations of the people and the position of both houses of Russian parl
iament. And in the ancient and the present government liberals like about "concentration." But now their activity is much higher, and the expression of his liberal point of view is much more open and arrogant. Abizov, Siluyanov, Golodets, Lebanon — is far not the full list of novoliberalnyh ministers who are in the proper protection of their own ideological (and not business or office!) Values, in my opinion, far fled reasonable limits.

But in other situations — when it comes to their his diocese, the ministers keep proud silence. How, by the way, and the "independent media" that just rubbed herself to blisters on the eyes, shedding crocodile tears for the "poor orphan who went out and brought my family." In those same days when tense situation around the Law of Dima Yakovlev, passions boil in one of the capital's universities — RGTEU, which The Ministry of Education began to connect with another institution. This information journalists held as usual factology. In contrast to the situation with anti-American bill had no ancestral questions "why" and "what to do".

And for us, the ordinary people of the Russian Federation, is the conflict that we are looking at RGTEU is above all else a pleasant indication that the present ministers infinitely far from the aspirations of the people of the country, which and is the only carrier of power. Students and teachers do not want to be integrated into the Western system of education. Unwilling to accept the criteria adopted in this system. Unhappy "efficiency", which now puts the Ministry of Education as the main aspect of the evaluation properties education is a direct rejection of society. Not to mention the fact that the methodology vyschityvaniya this "efficiency" is opaque, obscure and very reminiscent "of the scientific method spear" from the 1st famous funny story. Meanwhile, the results of the "evaluation" by Dmitry Livanov has resemble this very bad funny story. I'm not even going to read at the moment about the details of the situation in RGTEU, which sentenced the Ministry of Education "to merge", bringing the matter to the barricades inside the institution. Unhappy students, dissatisfied teachers. Two Russian University pushed between a stupid and it is not clear on what Minobra based solutions. In the end, the Acting Rector Vice Rector RG Andrei Plekhanov Shklyaev goes to work, accompanied by a police special forces. Oh, how was the odious figure of the former Education Minister Fursenko, but even if it did not have such incidents that happen when his replacement Dmitry Livanov. Curious fact — how can subordinates Minister Dmitry Livanov unbiased assessment of the unfortunate "efficiency" of the institution, if he and the Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich included in the Supervisory Board of the University? Referred to as the institution — NUST "MISA". And in the Supervisory Board of the Institute and comes E.A.Tolstikova — Director of Network Management subordinate organizations of the Russian Federation Ministry of Education. Does not she decides who we have in the formation of an "effective" and who is not?

Here is another example: The Ministry of Education has included in the list of inefficient municipal schools Siberian Academy of Geodesy (SSGA). This is the only one in Siberia unique scientific and educational center. Then prepare professionals in the field of geodesy, cartography, cadastre, geo-ecology, the study of natural resources. SSGA University is truly unique — in Russia only two similar university, and in the world there are only 5. And the team of Minister of Education Dmitry Livanov Academy recognizes ineffective. You know why? Because of a typo in a report sent to the university in Moscow. It turns out — instead of the actual 36 million rubles appropriated for R & D in 2011, in the respective column incorrectly set to zero. Error? Yes SSGA make a mistake, but the Ministry of Dmitry Livanov bots do not work. And the people who should know and respect the educational system of their own country. And be aware that the Novosibirsk Academy itself is unique to itself, and its graduates are worth their weight in gold. Specifically, these people have discovered most of the deposits, which now fill the municipal coffers. And now they are ineffective. It would be funny if it were not so sad. After all, would close, just closed a unique academy. Why? Oh so that's how "effective" the ministers, they still …

At the present moment, when the bulk of the population holds Russian felt a desire to create their own own project, the liberals in the government felt that the soil out from under their feet. The chances of integration in so cute their heart the "cozy" Western project is melting before our eyes, quickly approaching zero. As the escape of more liberals just built up their activity in an attempt to use this last chance to own. Because we litsezreem unusual, seemingly a thing. More on the meeting on Poklonnaya Hill in February 2012 Men's RF correctly and clearly stated his own choosing. But the louder the citizens of the Russian Federation state of their own desire to move to national sovereignty, the louder the Liberals in power they say things straight back. And Law Dima Yakovlev simply "highlight" this dilemma by making it trivial for all.

When that Anatoly Chubais said that the main purpose of privatization was destruction of communism in Russia. The desire to break the backbone of the Russian system, rather than economic judgments ruled the actions of the "young reformers". This "rule of Chubais' burning now. If the current liberal ministers to "steer", providing freedom of action, they are based on their own understanding of the world and preferences will be not so much to work on Russia as promote their own ideological project. Since they will not defend Russian interests, even if it "neutered" liberal ideology, and will be in accordance with the "axiom of Chubais' crush, not only Russian, and Russian economic system. Historical parallels are imposed on themselves, and this also read Anatoly Chubais in his own interview. In the early 90's was a great opportunity to restore the old system and, therefore, if the Liberals breaking open the Russian economy through the knee, through the blood. Just to avoid recreating the opponent's beloved and revered by them America. At this point, when there is a consensus of the majority of Russian society, and the means and have the ability to restore a strong and independent of, the Liberals are beginning to all the forces to fight against such power. Since our sovereign homeland inevitably will prevent looting the wealth of their own, again inevitably become the enemy of the West and over again — the United States. History has made revolution and now the Liberals are again ready to sacrifice his homeland for their own ideological preferences. That's why at the moment in Russia we have to throw the phraseology as liberal as liberal ideology and liberal practice. And more fundamentally — the Liberals remove themselves from the power of bringing to the ministerial office bearers of universal patriotic conservatism. The motto of the day or to become a slogan — which is fine for the Russian Federation, that is fine for the minister.

Modern footage again decide everything

Time is changing rapidly. The saying "cadres decide everything" is universal for all time. Cadres decide everything really. And at the moment we are looking a situation w
here today's "cadres" who sit in ministerial chairs hopelessly behind the rapid course of events. And even this are keen to slow down the course of events.
The conclusion forced upon ordinary — it's time to change the personnel …

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