Modern high-quality packaging

Modern high-quality packagingFor what purposes can be useful for special drawings made duralumin Cases, plywood boxes or cases made of plastic? The fact is that from time to time or other employees of the enterprise or organization has to carry small-sized equipment, fragile parts or special tools for long distances. To container totally went for transportable objects make it for special drawings and diagrams.

The company "TehUnikPak" is establishing itself as a container plywood boxes, plastic and duralumin Cases the highest durability. They can carry a work of art, because such containers intensive use Russian museums. Namely sturdy plywood box with a special internal relief would be a solid container during transport of small figurines, ceramics, porcelain. Reliable dural Cases perfectly suited for the transport of jewelry, because the manufacturer can provide a secure lock case to limit access to the jewels. Dural cases can be used and staff of jewelry stores to transport a certain amount of expensive jewelry.

If we talk about the plywood boxes, then do not think that they can not step up for fragile items. At the request of the customer the inner surface of such containers can be trimmed Myagenko material that firmly protects the contents from damage during transport. Boxes and cases at least some construction company "TehUnikPak" in St. Petersburg can do as per customer's drawings, as well as on their projects. Normally, the creation of container of any complexity should not take more than a couple of weeks from receipt of order.

Tara, made by "TehUnikPak" is reliable and durable. It can be used to transport medical instruments or equipment. Plastic cases are perfect for emergency workers, because in these case studies can be made special compartments for pharmaceuticals and medical instruments.

For example, gift blade that will be presented in a stylish celebrant duralumin case, can be a real pleasant surprise for the person who invited you to the celebration.

Cases withstands even how weather conditions, because they worry about the content does not have to.

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