Modern presentation equipment

Modern presentation equipment

First projectors were invented long ago already, but they have acquired wide popularity only recently. A total of just fifteen years ago, no major equipment for the presentation were fixed on board with their banners of various sizes. At the moment, this type of presentation is one hundred percent refused. The main presentational solutions to the real moment are the projector, screen, and notebook, which makes operation of the projector.

The latest decision of our time — an interactive board, which is much more convenient for us ordinary projector and screen, both in perception and in the management of the presented information. Interactive boards — it is a new solution, despite the fact that their creation has been cooperated in 1991. It is not necessary to think that the interactive board will be able to absolutely change the whole set of equipment that is needed for the conference. To the chagrin of the majestic, it is not. To carry out the usual modern presentation for you will need the following components:

— computer (PC, laptop or netbook). The main requirement is to have sufficient capacity and the presence of additional video output ports;


— projection screen, the cost of which is significantly lower;

— cables for establishing communication between the devices.

To arrange a presentation in a room equipped with an interactive whiteboard will need the following components: a laptop, projector and cables to group devices. In other words, the presence of the board does not reduce the amount of equipment that is used in the course of the presentation, on the contrary, it increases. In preparing for a presentation with the introduction of interactive whiteboard to your laptop, connect not only projector, yes, and this accessory. The work will provide a presentation subsequent scheme: the laptop will give the image on the projector, the projector will project the image on a plane, when you click on a work surface marker or a finger, that information is digitized and action will be sent on a laptop, which simultaneously perform the requested action. First interactive whiteboard made the transfer disk imaging on a laptop using the extra cables, modern boards are trying to do the same in a wireless form, in this case information by means of radio waves transmitted to a computer.

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